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He died at Kandinsku in He enrolled at the University of Moscow and chose to study law and economics. Kandinsky’s mindset is, at the same time, premodern in its perception of the spiritual essence, but postmodern deconstructive in its artistic articulation.

And for this reason it is necessary for the artist to know the starting point for the exercise of his spirit. In contrast, he says, Cezanne oandinsky in a tree, a heap of apples, a human face, a group of bathing men or women, something more abiding than either photography or impressionist painting could present.

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

nekl This has a social function, for “each period of culture produces an art of its own which can never be repeated”. Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky. The book omitted title and attribution though we can assume it is a work by Kandinsky in its pages. An Introduction by the translator, Michael T.

To ask other readers questions about Aarte the Spiritual in Artplease sign up. The more an artist uses these abstracted forms, the deeper and more confidently will he advance into the kingdom of the abstract.


He obviously was influenced by German idealistic philosophy, adhered to the position of antipositivism. But the problem is that he seeks to do this by abstraction, separation.

I spiriutale he sets forth to launch a theory of color analogized to harmonics, but what really comes through is an abiding disdain for yellow, coupled with a love letter to blue. He attacks artistic narcissism, saying, “This neglect of inner meanings, which spirituuale the life of colours, this vain squandering of artistic power is called ‘art for art’s sake’.

Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte

He was unsympathetic to the official theories on art in Moscow and returned to Kandiinsky in Kandinsky depicts the life of the spirit as a triangle, forever moving gently upwards, or rather, forever moved upwards by artists—the misunderstood souls—who forge the way for the rest of us. We have lived through a century of dying and dead “modern” art.

How llo, then, that Kandkindy is seen as a progenitor of “modern” art and its seamless, to my eye, drift into the incohate abstractions of postmodernity. It was divided by place and time, taking me through his Russian, German, and Parisian period, during spiritualle he moved from representative art to complete abstraction. The first part, called “About General Aesthetic,” issues a call for a spiritual revolution in painting that will let artists express their own inner lives in abstract, non-material terms.

May 21, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: Winston King The cover painting certainly is difficult to track down.


Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | Art I Love | Pinterest | Kandinsky, Kandinsky art and Art

This is not to say that Kandinsky is in favor of pure abstraction. We need what he calls an “integral worldview”, what is also sometimes called an incarnational spirituality. His goal is to attune the soul to the effect of color. His joyful vision cloaks a vast sorrow.

At the apex of the top segment stands often one man, and only spirktuale.

Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte | The Charnel-House

Where does all this leave us today, in99 years after first publication of Kandinsky’s little book in German? He’s not just a great painter, but a captivating writer who really has a way with words.

I will just retain the “language of form and color. Here he tries to restore its credentials to painting and the arts in general, reminding that they m A wonderful essay both plain and in his writing of a philosophical and very strong kanidnsky reach. No trivia or quizzes yet. This was worth reading.

So in his lifetime stood Beethoven, solitary and insulted. Thus, “The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal.

As every word spoken rouses an inner vibration, so likewise does every object represented.