Mathematics Made Difficult has 39 ratings and 10 reviews. Saharvetes said: This is one of the most hilarious books about mathematics ever written, and li. Mathematics Made Difficult – Carl E. Linderholm – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. An atttempt to explain. Keywords. Counting System Fair Exchange Disjoint Neighborhood Monoid Homomorphism Isomorphic System. These keywords were added by machine and.

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Therefore 1 is not a number.

May 22, Andreas Furth rated it it was amazing. May 29, Thatsgreateric rated it it was amazing. A fresh and entertaining take on mathematical particularities and non-intuitive curiosities lindeeholm yes, it’s still fresh even 38 after it’s first edition. Surely, this has never been done before. Tons of category theory, and tons of puns! Jul 31, J. May 28, Vincent Luczkow rated it it was ok Shelves: Among other highlights, its category-theoretic construction of the integers and its description of all the mess involved in the terms “improper fraction” and “mixed fraction” stand out for their utter mathematical rigour and chaos.

Submit a new link. Return to Book Page. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys math, but wants a more relaxed version of a textbook.

Mathematics Made Difficult – Carl E. Linderholm – Google Books

M rated it really liked it Feb 17, Much of the mathematics is presented in a way which would probably not make a great deal of sense to anyone not already familiar with it a course in the foundations of number theory is really the minimum needed to understand most of it, and one in category diffkcult for the detail.


I just got this book from the library a week ago. This book After reading plenty of books where every example was riddled with phrases such as, “the proof is trivial and is left as an example to the reader,” “the following is an obvious consequence of,” and other proofs from the category of proof by intimidation, this book was an extreme juxtaposition of the above.

The fact that the reader has been told this does not necessarily mean that he knows what the section is about, at difficylt. It is not correct in logic to prove something by saying it over again; that only works in politics, and even there it is usually considered desirable to repeat the proposition hundreds of times linddrholm considering it as definitely established. The mathematicw of politicians, young ladies, and suits of cards cannot be properly injected into itself; the set of numbers can; therefore some numbers are none of these things.

Thank you so much.

Louis rated difficutl it was amazing Apr 18, Whether one should count with the same numbers he adds with, up to isomorphism? What does this mean?

Sunjay rated it it was ok Feb 11, He still has to know what addition is, and that he may not yet know. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Marco rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Also notable is its lament on the mdae love-life of brackets, where ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ though paired and meant for each other can never meet for linderhom is always something between them.


May 20, Benjamin rated it it was amazing.

See 1 question about Mathematics Made Difficult…. There is, of course, a subject for a serious book in this; I can think of two without any effort Rudy Rucker’s Infinity and the Mind and the far older Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.

Awesome, I’ve never heard of this and some of the category theory and stuff currently goes over my head but it’s hilarious! I think the mod deleted it because No pirated books are allowed! Click here to chat with us on IRC! This is still the first page chapter on Arithmetic; I can only imagine what a riot it will be when he gets to Topology and Geometry.

Numbers are either politicians or suits of cards.

Mathematics Made Difficult

I loved the premise, but thought almost all of the humor fell flat. Jeff Rogers rated it really liked it Oct 01, Plus, mine is 61MB, significantly more. I have been waiting for this for two months: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I am dlfficult happy his jokes are still being enjoyed. However, the way the author satires common non-rigorous proof methods, more than makes up for the price.

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