Undead Advantages and Disadvantages. 31 .. Libris Mortis collects many of those hits of The Book ofthe Dead (also known as the Necronomicon). Though. Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead () – Nightmares from beyond the grave: Hushed voices tell spine-chilling tales of encounters with the. Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Andy Collins, Bruce R. Cordell] on *FREE* shipping .

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G rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Delete Weapon Finesse in any case, as it’s an morgis creature and incorporeal creatures use their Dexterity modifiers for melee attacks anyway.

As for the interior artwork, it is much better, with a total of 13 different artists providing 91 different illustrations, most of them in color although there are a few filler black-and-white pieces showing up from previous books, like the spider from the Book of Vile Darkness on page Shaboingin rated it it was ok Apr 04, What do you think of Libris Mortis Undead 3.

Also included in these sample sections are variants. While I was a little disappointed to see several artist that have been in undeas WoTC products missing here, like Ron Wagner and David Griffith, we still have others like Wayne Reynolds and Wayne England, among others, who lend their talents to the book.

Some undad the spells did leave me with a question or two, though: Cordell said that pop culture has “less impact on [his] conceptualizations of the undead”, but he did mention The Evil Dead28 Days Later and the novel Salem’s Lot. Books by Andy Collins. The book was the second in the series of books about specific monster types, the first being Draconomicon.


No trivia or quizzes yet. And wouldn’t you expect the industry leader to do a better job at the stat work than this?

Speed should include “Climb 20 ft. Dec 29, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: Actually, that’s true of almost every NPC in Libris Mortis that has the ability to summon a familiar, probably to cut down on the word count and make room for more goodies.

This makes looking up a Conjuration Spell easy. With HD 3d12, average hit points should be 19, not It has sections on roleplaying, undead as characters, new feats, new prestige classes, new deities, new domains, new spells, new items, and even sample locales.

Libris Mortis – The Book of Undead

The CR listing includes the sample creatures with bok applied. There is new information on traditional undead creatures liches, zombies, and so onas well as new monsters and information on customizing monsters to any adventure.

I especially liked the dirgesinger and true necromancer prestige classes, although the others are cool too. PCs and DMs both. Nothing terribly remarkable here. There’s no Treasure line listed; presumably it’s “None. There’s a really nice four-page discussion on the effects of incorporealness, a topic that confuses many.

Edward Richmond rated it liked it Jul 14, Return to Book Page. Since there are NPCs scattered throughout several of the other chapters and many of those had errors with their stats as wellall in all I think there are probably more stat errors in Libriw Mortis than there were in Monster Manual III – not lkbris very good trend there, WotC!

These range from Mlrtis Nova, a spell to destroy incorporeal undead, to Spawn screen, where you resist the process of becoming an undead spawn if killed.

All in all, about tne best thing I can say about the cover is that it isn’t as bad as the thumbnail that was up as moortis placeholder on the WotC website as an advertisement for the book before it was actually released. Sorator rated it liked it Jun 12, Does the spell not affect them, or does it have a similar effect on them using something other than blood vessels?


If they want to use it in print, they pay again.

Swen rated it liked it Nov 07, Tuesday, 26th July, Useful if mottis are playing a campaign with lots of undead. This mistake was made despite the fact that the spells were already reprinted in Player’s Guide to Faerun without an update and the extreme balance issues required an errata in that case already. Paul rated it really liked it Feb 08, Cater, Michelle ; Rice, Cindi, eds.

Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It makes you shake your head in wonder that Wizards like most big rpg publishers don’t tap the enormous resource that is its fans.

Flat-footed AC should be 10, not 11 you don’t ignore a negative Dexterity modifier when flat-footed. It was also nice to see a bunch of different undead-related organizations, perfect for use as antagonists towards the PCs, and it was especially nice to see a sample NPC from each organization statted up. And how appropriate it is that I’m posting this review on Halloween!

Taking them away, AC should be 17, not 22, and flat-footed AC should be 12, not Flat-footed AC should be 17, not Finally, maggots are larval forms of creatures like flies; what does a dire maggot grow up to be?

It provides role playing ideas.