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Player 1 – CZE. Flag CZE. Player 1 – CZE. Alexander BROUWER. #1. Márcio GAUDIE LEY. Robert MEEUWSEN. #2. Vinícius GOMES CARDOZO DE ARAÚJO . Belich, M.P., Salmeron, A., Johnston, L.H. and Ley, S.C. () Nature , – Sourvinos, G., Tsatsanis, C. , – Waris, G., Livolsi, A. Ley CJ, Lees B, Stevenson JC: Sex and menopause-associated changes in body -fat distribution. Am J Clin Nutr ;– External.

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Libya – – Ley. Libya – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Decision promulgating the regulation of registration, contributions and inspection. This Act is comprehensive in the area of social security, 2942 protection in the event of old-age, disability, sickness, work injury or occupational disease, loss of bread-winner, and general welfare assistance or assistance in the event of calamities, disasters, and death.

Chapter One deals with administration of social security; Chapter Two relates to benefits, both in cash and in kind; Chapter Three deals with specific categories of secured persons and contributors; Chapter Four concerns social security revenues and financing; Chapter Five provides for the calculation of work and service periods, assessment of pensions, and guarantees as to collection of contributions and all credits due to the fund.

Provides for the establishment of the National Employment Agency, its composition, financing and administration. Social Security Investment Regulation, Regulates the investment of the Social Security Authority’s funds. Made under the Social Security Law No. However, following the repeal of Law No. Libya – – Acuerdo internacional. Decision of the General People’s Committee concerning the issuing of a list of examinations for public office positions and the extended the calculation of past experience.

Examinations for public office positions Title II: The appointment of skilled professionals with excellent experience Title IV: The calculation of past experience. Libya – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People.

This Decree amends several articles from the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Decree on Organizing the Professional Training Centers and Courses of by replacing the old text with the following new text: Article 13 2 “his age is not to be less than 15 years of age or more than 25 years” Article 19 “The intern has to wear the uniform that is given to him for free throughout the training period” Article 26 “The instructor is to be given a bonus of at least 40 dinar at the end of each month depending of the type of training he is giving”.

The Employer has to to take all precautions to protect workers and the people who are present at the workplace from hazards and work injuries and diseases that can occur.

Minister of Labour Decree No. The Decree identifies the occupations and industries that are similar or related to each other or involved in the production of the same product which enables them to create a joint trade union.

Sets out the procedure for applying to register a trade union as well as the conditions and the offices that deal with it. Regulates the establishment of trade unions. Agreement on the social insurance of employees sent temporarily to the territory of either State. Defines the aims and types of prisons, and provides for the classification of inmates and their treatment, the accommodation of female inmates and their treatment, the employment of inmates and their wages, the education, medical care, and social care of inmates, the manner of visiting and corresponding with inmates, administration and rules of prisons, the judicial supervision of prisons, the release of inmates, the application of the death sentence, and the establishment of planning and development councils for prisons.


Manpower Agreement [pending the conclusion of a social security convention, Lybyan social security legislation to apply to Turkish workers]. Agreement to avoid double payments on social security contributions. Law amending several provisions of the Penal Code.

Amends certain provisions of Penal Code. Section provides for freedom of labour. A person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for no less than one year and to a fine between and dinars if he or she uses force, violence, terrorism, threats or illegal acts to force another person to cease working or to force an employer to employ an individual, or to prevent him from employing a person. Same sanction shall apply if the intention of the person is to prevent any other person from membership in trade union.

Ministry of Labour Decree No. Sets out the regulations and rules for employers to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for workers. Employees who spent more than one year in a workplace are entitled to a percentage of the profits made. Ministry of Labour Law No. Observation Unit of 2943 installation and production units subject to Law No.

Services provided to workers of company installation and production units subjected to Article 9. General and Final Provisions. Several Decrees for amending this law have been issued: Order on accelerated vocational training, Provides for accelerated vocational training.

Accelerated training programmes shall be implemented in particular in the following areas: Sets forth criteria for participation in such programmes. Also regulates responsibilities of different ministries in this regard.

Convention on the right to ownership, work, the following of an occupation or trade, the establishment of a domicile, and movement. The Law sets the provisions for manpower development and training: General Provisions Title II: Permanent Council of Manpower Development and Training.

Order of the Minister of Labour concerning the definition of industries in which it is prohibited to employ young persons under the age of Sets forth the industries in which it is prohibited to employ young persons under the age of The Law replaces articles: Article 44 provides that these provisions apply to an employee who is not insured regularly at the national social insurance institute.

Employees who are fully insured by the institution are entitled to daily financial assistant due to the disability that the employee had suffered from during his work. Article provides that only one workers union is allowed for each profession in each district. Also repeals article 23 3and 25 3 of the National Insurance Act. Convention on skilled manpower.

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Amends Articles 35, 40, 52 and 87bis of the Labour Code: Article 40 last para: The vacation days are to be calculated according the percentage of yearly working days of each employee.

The name leh manager” is replaced with the term “specialized office manager”. Employment of Foreigners Title IV: The Decree sets the rules and regulations for organizing the professional training centres and course: Training outside the Training Centres. Consists of 3 Chapters. Provides, inter alia, for equality of citizens before law art. Decision on prohibition of trafficking in labour. Establishes that 229423 contract will be deemed null and void if one of the two contracting parties confines himself to only supplying the other party with workers to work for him against a compensation which the latter undertakes to pay to the former for this service, while he undertakes 229423 pay the wages of the workers.

In general, any contract which deals with supplying an employer with workers through a contractor is invalid. Also provides for some related matters.


Regulating Leu Law No. This Law regulates marine fisheries only. It is composed of 7 Parts divided into 35 articles. Part I contains introductory provisions. Part II provides for the issuance of fishing licences.

Fishing vessels and their inspection is given in Part III. Fishing conditions and rules provided for in Part IV.

Part V deals with the crew, in particular the termination of a contract and rights and responsibilities of the captain. The need to have insurance in case of occupational accidents and casualties is contained in Part VI, along with notification and investigation of accidents to and by the competent authority.

Regulatory powers are assigned to the Minister of Industry regarding vessels, gear, size of fish, protection of fish 2943 other organisms, limitation and prohibition of fishing. Part II deals with foreign fishing.

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Juvenile and Homeless Persons Law of The Law was promulgated to address the welfare of child beggars, street children living outside the family fold, children without a family provider, children associating with persons of dubious character and children who collect refuse, waste and cigarette ends or who assist persons employed in prostitution and gambling.

The welfare procedure entails the issuance of a ruling by the Juvenile Court – at the request of the Department of Public Prosecutions – for the child to be handed over to his rightful guardian, a charitable foundation or a State-recognised establishment.

If the child returns to vagrancy within one year, the court issues an order committing him to an institution for juveniles, a charitable foundation or a recognised establishment. Juveniles may be detained until the court decides where to place them. Any person who incites or aids a vagrant juvenile may also be punished under the law. Book One–Obligations Generally sources of obligations, effects of obligations, kinds of conditions modifying the effects of obligations, transmission of an obligation, extinction of obligations, proof of obligations ; Book Two–Specific Contracts contracts as regards ownership, contracts relating to use of a thing, contracts for the hire of services, aleatory contracts, suretyship ; Book Three–Principal Real Rights right of ownership, rights derived from the right of ownership ; Book Four–Accessory Real Rights or Real Securities legal mortgages, mortgage by agreement, judgment charges upon immovable property, pledge, privileged rights.

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Libya – – Ley Disabled Persons Law. Libya – – Acuerdo internacional Social Insurance Convention. The calculation of past experience Libya – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Libya – – Ley Law No. Libya – – Acuerdo internacional Agreement on the social insurance of employees sent temporarily to the territory of either State.

Libya – – Acuerdo internacional Manpower Agreement [pending the conclusion of a social security convention, Lybyan social security legislation to apply to Turkish workers]. Permanent Council of Manpower Development and Training Libya – – Ley Order of the Minister of Labour concerning the definition of industries in which it is prohibited to employ young persons under the age of Libya – – Acuerdo internacional Convention on skilled manpower.

Libya – – Ley Loi No.