24 Items ItemName: Lego Road & Trail 4×4, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, *% complete with minifig and instructions, NO BOX. For all your manuals, instructions and user guides. and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Town Road and trail 4×4. Download official LEGO┬« building instructions online for , Bricks Bricks Bricks, LEGO Classic and get building fast!.

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A small climb on the tires is needed in order to get in. Yes, Lego and Duplo bricks are compatible. I too had this set as a child and bought another 2nd hand copy not too long ago. Check that box pic again.

Road & Trail 4 x 4 | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Yeah, I know it looks discounted, but still. I own instructiojs every little car from to about but this was one of the more special ones, I had endless fun with it in the late eighties.

On a scale 1. What else can you ask for? I’ve never seen this set before and now I want it for my Table Town that I have. Why memorable set you ask? Already have an account? You can see that it hardly fits the road! That would have been an excellent addition! The height of the intsructions is exactly what it should be for a instrructions of this style. I don’t think it’s even mentioned in the instructions. Let’s begin with some infos about the set: Only thing that could have been added is suspensions.


Have a look at their website for more information.

The front From here you can clearly see the wideness in all its glory. I’ve wanted this set for a while now but haven’t been able to find a good deal on it.

This picture is in a small catalogue I have the one that folds in four. The front from another angle. Thanks for the review of this cool set. There were the red suspension parts that were used on a few City sets back then, which might work here if there was a way to connect these wheels to them.

Even more lucky, I still have them today.

Instructions for – Road & Trail 4 X 4 |

Please try our search function first. Electric parts can only be cleaned with dry cloth.

This set is still in my all-time favorites when it comes to classic town vehicles. Do you also own the set that camera is from or did you just assemble it using pieces you had on hand? What a great set. The fence piece with the levers in the back give a more “bad to the bone” touch. I love the pictures nistructions you can see it crushing cars BTW. Thanks ‘Zorbas’ for another review, cool set Instructions First page Wrinkles One minor difference leog it comes to the box is that the phrase “Town System” and the small age recommendation frame was never used on the sets that were imported to Greece.

From here you can clearly see the wideness in all its glory. You can see the truck trying to move on the road. From what age is Lego suited to play with? This was helpful It was one of my favorite sets back then and it came out along with one of the best Town sets wave TLG had ever released. This vehicle was quite an innovation back then due to its size, height, and of course width.


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Both sets have stood the test of time, and are truly outstanding! The 8 wheels and the doors are the highlights for me. Duplo bricks fit best on larger Lego bricks and could come loose form smaller Lego bricks. I really like the contrast between the main body and the way the wheels are attached on it.

The shape, the size When the sticker is in right spot, let it dry and it will stick. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

What is the best way to apply stickers on Lego? There are four wheels in each side, connected together with a technic axle, making the total of 8 wheels. It’s probably one instrucfions the best classic cars with a four-wide body they made.

Lego has a service where you can order separate bricks or contact them when a brick is missing from your set. Somebody heard that there is a monster truck in the city and wanted to check: I love classic 4 wides. The recommended age is always mentioned on the box. The instructions are just a instruuctions paged long piece of paper.