DOWNLOAD BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON KISAH KLAN OTORI 3 brilliance of In Leviticus Yehovah tells us, “These are My appointed festivals, the. Grass For His Pillow (Kisah Klan Otori, #2) by Heaven’s Net Is Wide (Kisah Klan Otori, #0) by avg rating — ratings — published — 2 editions. Kami persembahkan buku pertama sekaligus penutup seri Kisah Klan Otori yang menakjubkan. (less). flag · See 2 questions about Heaven’s Net Is Wide.

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Much happens over an eighteen-year span in the book, and there are many characters to keep track of; I confess, I referred to the genealogy trees on the author’s website to keep the relationships straight.

The Harsh Cry of the Heron

View all 6 comments. Nov 19, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first four volumes gave us only glimpses.

Meithya Rose Prasetya Penyunting: I’d have given it 4. In a way this makes it even worse for the reader, because the actions are so comon place that the world is re-emphasised as a dark and twisted place.

I saw none of the strong woman she should have been. There is a feeling that comes when one finds a new book by a favorite author that is indescribable.

Across the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori, Book 1) – PDF Free Download

I liked the second half of this otorl better than the first, but I shall hold my actual review until I’m done with the last book But I didn’t expect the last book to be so harsh. I should have stopped there. It was a sad let-down after coming to know Takeo and Kaede so intimately.


Fascinating and insightful reading if you take the time to immerse yourself and engage. And I could never do with moaning people. Quotes from Heaven’s Kjsah Is Wide. And in the end its really a thinly disguised book about Christianity and how much better that way of life is than having sword fights and moving the plot forward. I know I missed something as many others felt the series was only getting better, but it only read like an over-melodramatic I most wholeheartedly recommend Otpri if the Otori tales — walking through a new world is an experience that does not come frequently.

National Library of Australia. It is awesomely written, moody and evocative, tranquil, yet gruesome in equal measure. Return to Book Page. Lists What are lists? Towards otodi middle of the book, you think you have it all figured out.

Tales of the Otori 5 books.

This sweeping novel expands on what has been only hinted at before: Actually, it was almost uninteresting enough to stop reading and it was only the desire to complete the cycle that I persevered. Shigeru menemukan kekuatan dalam pelatihan yang diberikan gurunya, Matsuda Shingen, hubungannya dengan nama-nama misterius Tribe, berbagai pertempuran yang menguji kemampuannya, dan pertemuannya dengan Lady Maruyama, yang ilan juga telah dihancurkan oleh musuh besar Otori, Klan Tohan. Pengalaman-pengalamanapa saja yang membentuk pribadinya?

Arai Zenko yang mejadi suami Hana adik Kaedeeanak dari Sizuka, kakak Taku, akhirnya menghianti Takeo ketika dia sedang pergi menghadap kaisar penguasa 8 pulau.

Took me almost 6 weeks to finish this. It was that bad. I enjoyed it immensely. Open Preview See a Problem? Esta es la historia de Otori Shigeru. Got the downloads from Audible for the entire series and was immersed in the Tale for days. But it’s a good place to visit, at least in the imagination.


It is comprised of five volumes: The finale is predictably Takeo confronting his son, who does not kill him directly. I like the story and the writing. There is a lot of political machinations within the Otori clan and between the Otori and the Tohan, a rival clan. Otori Takeo, although destined by prophecy to be a great ruler and unifier, also is destined to fall in the way of a Greek trajedy. This book is definitely worth reading.

I’m going to pretend that last book didn’t happen. Saya suka kisah2 Jepang masa lalu.

Heaven’s Net Is Wide (Kisah Klan Otori, #0) by Lian Hearn (4 star ratings)

This last volume is a prequel to the others and tells the story of Otori Shigeru who is an important character in the rest of the series, but not the protagonist. The storytelling is beautifully descriptive and well paced, but the conclusion does not offer any sort of closure; rather, it opens the world of the Otori for the reader. Other books in the series. Set in a fictional land resembling feudal Japan, the book explores the years that led up to Across the Nightingale Floorthe first book of the Otori trilogy: