David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas “are. can defeat anything with less strength. Twenty-Eight Articles: Fundamentals of. Company-Level Counterinsurgency by Dr. David Kilcullen, Lieutenant Colonel. Counter-insurgency is fashionable again: more has been written on it in the last four years David Kilcullen is Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for .

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He is currently an advisor to NATO. The Threat to Counterinurgency. Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen No preview available – Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen No preview available – This book is more is a random assortment of pieces by Kilcullen, ranging from articles published on disaggregation theory, to COIN in general, as well as monographs and combat briefs based on personal experience in the field.

Very good book, makes very strong arguments. Aug 03, Jansen Wee rated it liked it.

David Kilcullen

The nature of insurgency has changed since the s, 60s and 70s. It encapsulates numerous particularly relevant insights countfrinsurgency the tactical, operational, and strategic challenges of counterinsurgency; plus it offers the most succinct overview of how to wage a global counterinsurgency anywhere. But the task of the moment is not to cry over spilt milk, rather to help clean it up: While in my youth I had read classic works such as Defeating Communist Insurgency: Filled with down-to-earth, common-sense insights, this book is the definitive account of counterinsurgency, indispensable for all those interested in making sense of our world in an age of terror.

Australian Defence Force Academy. His reflections on counterinsurgency reveal a healthy respect for same processes of bottom-up development that Bill Easterly emphasizes in his economic work.


Kilcullen’s paper “Counterinsurgency Redux ” questions the relevance of classical klcullen theory to modern conflict. David John Kilcullen FRGS born is an Australian author, strategist and counterinsurgency expert and is currently the non-executive Chairman of Caerus Associates, a strategy and design consulting firm that he founded. Kilcullen, one of the leading counterinsurgency analysts, provides a wealth of information for COIN practitioners that stems from extensive hands-on experience.

Not much new information.

Counterinsurgency – David Kilcullen – Google Books

Australian Political Science Association Conference The last chapter is brilliant, the rest has become outdated, really. He kilculen design and implement the Regional Strategic Initiative, the policy that drives United States counter-terrorism diplomacy worldwide. Blood Year David Kilcullen. Academic Skip to main content. Additionally, because the book talks a great deal about how operations are conducted, it is informative for intelligence analysts supporting COIN.

Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen

Includes a previously unpublished essay entitled “Measuring Progress in Afghanistan”, which Kilcullen wrote for McChrystal during his recent field work in Afghanistan. He then attended the Australian Defence Force Academy and completed a Bachelor of Arts with honours in military art and science through the University of New South Wales and graduated as a distinguished graduate and was awarded the Chief of Defence Force Army Prize in Interestingly, on the subject of the Vietnam war, he echoes the diagnosis of former CIA director Colby, whose biography I just finished, i.

A good book that provides a lot of insight about modern COIN in the global insurgency sense. The use of brute force to counter insurgency is akin to a frontal assault on a m The most fascinating part of counterinsurgency to me is how it is essentially a war fought with ideas more than violence.


Retrieved from ” https: Indeed, his vision of modern warfare powerfully influenced the United States’ decision You have to be a participant observer. The author is one of the most respected and influential military thinkers currently influencing american counterinusrgency. I never found that it needed much moral courage to be honest about my opinions — non-partisan honesty was exactly what Secretary Rice wanted from me, and she told me that more than once.

After twelve months of training in Indonesia, Kilcullen graduated from the Australian Defence Force School of Languages [10] in with an advanced diploma in applied linguistics. A bit dated considering this largely contains pre-ISIS material, but his review of insurgency and counterinsurgency theory alone is concise and invaluable.

Preview — Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen.

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat But that is not my key concern. Jun 07, Brian rated it it was ok Counterinsirgency Jun 22, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: Retrieved 11 March Thus, counter-insurgency strategies and tactics need updating to deal with a globalized movement like al-Qaeda, especially increasing participation and cooperation of many states’ intelligence and police agencies.


The paper’s publication history is an illustration of new methods of knowledge propagation in the military-professional community. The economic relationship between insurgent and population may be dounterinsurgency opposed to classical theory. In Kilcullen’s last essay, he focuses on viable strategies to defeat the current global Islamist insurgency that makes up the War on Terror.

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