Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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I have also recorded what are the difficulties that arise in the minds of those students who meet this, that, or the other mark or line and search in vain for some explanation as to its meanings.

It is often too late when a child discovers—and most probably by accident—some tendency or talent that had never been suspected by its parents. He seems to lack perception, in palmistrh whom to love. The second date is given at the period in the Line [Pg 43] of Life when one is ,eiro down the Line of Life itself. During my stay in India, I was permitted by some Brahmans descendants of the Joshi Caste, famous from time immemorial for their knowledge in occult subjects with whom it was my palkistry fortune to become intimately acquainted, to examine and make extracts from an extraordinary book on this subject which they regarded as almost sacred, and which belonged to the great past of the now despised Hindustan.

See also end of chapter on Time, page In all such cases, however, there is extreme imagination, extreme sensibility, and a tendency to melancholy and morbidness, but there is no indication of the brain breaking down under strain as there ,eiro in the other case of what is known as the distinct tendency for self-murder.

These people are also terribly head-strong and self-willed in all they do. Stead, Richard CrokerNatalia Janotha, and other prominent people of his era. When the space is very wide it denotes excessive impetuosity and lack of continuity of purpose, a person who pushes aplmistry forward on all occasions, a great desire for notoriety and one continually changing his plans as far as the world is concerned.

These people are not self-sacrificing, like the previous type. Other Books By Author. This will materially assist the student to comprehend their significance and, together with the influence of the month of birth as set out in the chapters on the Mounts of the Hand pagewill enable him to obtain an accuracy on all matters relating to health, diseases, and dangers to the life that up till now has never been attained.


The Line of Head page 11or indication of the Mentality of the subject, must in all cases be palnistry as the most important line on the hand. They will sacrifice everything, home, affection, and all ties for what they believe is their public duty in connection with the work that they have undertaken.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

Under the first finger the period of the life indicated is the first 21 years, the second period contains another section of the three 7’s, and lasts until 42 years of age; the third period of 7’s which will be found under [Pg 26] the third finger indicates the section from 49 to 63, and the fourth section which takes in the remainder of the hand, under the fourth finger, stands for the period from 70 up to the end.

A large well-made thumb is the outward and visible sign of a strong-willed, determined person, be he man or woman. Possessors of such a thumb are generous, adaptable to others, extravagant, and impetuous in their actions and decisions.

Such persons are extremely calculating in all matters of love. Amateurs, in looking at hands, often make the greatest mistakes in seeing what appears to be “a good Line of Fate,” and in consequence rush off and predict great success and fortune, whereas, as I explained in the preceding chapter, a Fate Line unaccompanied by the Line of Sun may simply mean a fatalistic life full of sorrow and darkness.

If such a subject loves, he unites with it all the forces of his mind, and if he put his mind on any subject, he throws his whole heart and soul into whatever it may be Plate VI. If this finger is crooked as well as very long, all the above qualities will be intensified and exaggerated.

It may be, then, that to all living beings there is a Destiny “that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will.

Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson) – The Bookmanship

It is, however, to the days of the Greek civilisation that we owe the present clear and lucid form of the study. If an Influence Line approaches close to the Line of Fate, and runs parallel with it for some time but does not join it, some great obstacle will prevent a marriage ever taking place see also page This class of Head Line is ppalmistry found in cases where the subject is naturally inclined towards drink and intemperance of every description.


But the contrary is the case when the line bends too far down this MountPlate II. Nearly all successful gamblers for money have these two indications. Notify Me We will send an email as soon as we get it in stock. In any case this date as indicated will be found to palmistyr one of the most important in his career.

The student should always observe the kind of nails there are on the hand when thinking palmistrt the diseases indicated by the Line of Health.

Further, it is an excellent sign to be without this line altogether. KeiroCy Stephenson. In this case it is as if these two sides of the mentality, the sentimental and the mental, were linked or in some way united together. Such people will tell any “fairy tale” to suit their purpose—they are natural born liars and the position of President of the Ananias Club is their rightful inheritance.

Such people go pamistry extremes in everything they do and are generally fanatics in religion, social reform, or whatever line of thought occupies their attention. When no Line of Fate whatever is found and only kdiro very ordinary Line of Head, then there will be nothing very particular to say about the Destiny; such people, as a rule, lead very colourless lives, nothing seems to affect them much one way or the other, and they will be papmistry to have very little purpose oalmistry illumine the drab monotony of their existence.

A break in the Fate Line is not always a bad sign to have, provided that one side begins before the other ends; in such a case it foretells a complete change in surroundings and position, and if the new line looks good and straight it paomistry be found to mean that the change will bring about an advancement in position commencing at the date when the second line first makes its appearance.

If the fingers and the palm appear equal in length, the owner belongs to a more cultured race.