ABSTRACT: A modified version of Capian’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were. For many people, the workplace is becoming more and more stressful. The Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) has been designed to assess relative levels and. ABSTRACT: A modified version of Caplan’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were.

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Tokyo Medical University; This study hypothesized that self-esteem support would buffer the effects of job stress on depressive symptoms. Employees of prisons, for their nature of job and work environment, are exposed to high level of occupational stress. Occupational stress and depression among hospital physicians in Taiwan. The results of the study indicated the importance of recognition for outstanding performance as well as achievements. The positive likelihood ratio increases as cutoffs increase, but no cutoffs produced more than 10 for the positive likelihood ratio.

The research questions were answered using a descriptive, correlational design.

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The employees were engaged in 2 job types–direct assembly line and indirect supportive tasks–and the latter was threatened by job loss because of downsizing. Stress influences nursing job satisfaction and, ultimately, intention to change jobs. A minimum of 8 raters and. Reliability internal consistency of the job content questionnaire on job stress among office workers of a multinational company in Kuala Lumpur.

Schooling was inversely related to satisfaction with the job p job satisfaction was a negative predictor of each type of burnout subscale p Assessment of pharmacists’ job satisfaction and job related stress in Amman. Participants were managers in full-time employment with large organisations.


Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) – CiteHR

Factors influencing job attitude included job stressthe presence or absence of WMSDs and duration of pain. Craft and related trade workers. A casual relationship between temperament, job stress and depressive symptoms has not been established yet. The occupation stress inventory revised edition OSI-R was used to evaluate the level of occupational queztionnaire. Association of occupation, employment contract, and company size with mental health in a national quesrionnaire sample of employees in Japan.

A cross-sectional analysis was conducted to examine these associations among male and female employees who responded to a self-administered questionnaire in a small Japanese plant with economic hardship.

In this study, one in three had participated in job rotation that was most often considered a positive experience. Burnout, psychological morbidity, job stressand job satisfaction in Chinese neurologists. The purpose of this study was to assess both direct and indirect relationships between professional commitment, job satisfaction, and work stress in public health nurses PHNs in Taiwan.

References Publications referenced by this paper.

Methods A total stresss 1, participants aged 20—70 years in completed the stress response of the BJSQ and were followed-up until August, by examining sick pay records.

This study confirms that the 2 job stress models identify different aspects of stressful job conditions. A total of 1, Japanese firefighters working for the local government completed a questionnaire that was used to gather information pertaining to age, gender, job type, job class, marital status, and smoking and drinking habits. Job stress questionnaaire impose significant costs to the workplaces and questionaire due to some issues such as absenteeism, less productivity, and medical costs.

Although nonregular workers experience higher job stresspoorer mental health, and different job stress dimensions relative to regular workers, little is known about which job stress dimensions are associated with poor mental health among nonregular workers.


Reliability internal consistency was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for each scale. Perceived job stress and incidence of coronary events: The tools used included nine questionnaires 1- HSE questionnaire ; 2- GHQ questionnaire ; 3- Beck depression inventory; 4- Framingham personality type; 5- Azad-Fesharaki’s physical activity questionnaire ; 6- Adult attachment style questionnaire ; 7- Azad socioeconomic questionnaire ; 8- Job satisfaction survey; and 9- demographic questionnaire.

Mental health was measured by the Symptom ChecklistRevision SCLRand general characteristics including socioeconomic factors, job stressand job satisfaction were measured by structured questionnaires. Emotional display rule EDR was significantly and negatively related to job satisfaction. Variables showed significant relationships to job satisfaction p job stress Xtress stress is associated with job burnout and QWL, and stress reaction and social support have relatively high influence on QWL.

Results Each stresw those 22 items on the questionnaire was examined to have five factors.

Development of a Short Version of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire

JS did improve performance. However, supervisor and co-worker support were not distinguished into two factors and some items distributed differently along the factors extracted.

If the eligible workers agreed with the terms and conditions of the online survey, they could access the self-report questionnaire. Statistical uob We calculated relevant indices for screening performance. Job stress factors, stress response, and social support in association with insomnia of Japanese male workers. The second cluster was the highest on a range of psychological strain indicators, while the other two clusters were high on certain strain indicators but low on others.