This guide will show you how to correctly export a document from Adobe InDesign to be printed, and also how to flatten the layers within Adobe. You can create InDesign documents that have multiple layers, which is useful when you have many elements to work with. For example, an image of your. The InDesign software program included in Adobe’s Creative Suite lets you create professional brochures, books, catalogs and other complex.

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Select this option when printing separations if the document contains spot colors and overprinted objects. Common effects that apply transparency are any stylising effects like shadows, glows and feathering.

What is Experiential Marketing?

How to Flatten an InDesign Document

If there is no transparency, it will show gray as below. You can specify flattening settings and then save and apply them as transparency flattener presets. Rasterizes all objects, including images, vector artwork, text, and gradients, to the specified resolution. These settings vary with each printer, so see the documentation that came with your printer for details.

Use for desktop proofs and print-on-demand documents that will be printed on Adobe PostScript color printers.

Flatten Me! I want to be printed! | New Horizons

You shouldn’t need to do anything special as long as the InDesign document is set up with correct bleeds and page sizes. More details about flattening layouts and solutions to other printing needs in InDesign and Illustrator are available on the Adobe website.

Locate and select the file containing the preset you want to load, and then click Open. You can set Transparency Flattener options when creating, editing, or previewing flattener presets in Illustrator, InDesign, or Acrobat. Kate is especially well known around the New Horizons office for her creative flair and talent in using the Adobe suite.


Keep in mind that the boundary of the highlight area has a higher probability of producing stitching problems depending on the print-driver settings and the rasterization resolution. Of course, using the print dialogue demands a full version of Acrobat is installed on your system.

Of course, I’m not saying X-1 is bad What you really should xeport wishing is that your printer would join the 21st century and upgrade his RIP to support live transparency, or find a new printer. The printing press needs your layout in opaque values and will not dine well on the overlapping semi-see-through inspired piece you’ve created. However, I’ve run into a situation where a printer I’m intersted is having a problem with my pdf files. You can use this color-coded information to adjust flattening options.

Affected Graphics InDesign only. Click all the layers in the palette to select them. Ignores transparency for the spread.

How do you export a “flat image” pdf? | Adobe Community

Selecting this option may affect processing speed. Expand all text to outlines for a consistent effect throughout the document. Do I need to rasterise the content? Use for quick proofs that will be printed on black-and-white desktop printers, and for documents that will be published on the flatened.

The results are unpredictable when the file is output from a page-layout application. In addition, note that styles and effects may contain transparency, and overprinted objects may be treated as sources of transparency if they are involved in transparency or if the overprint needs to be flattened. It made the red sunburst white again.


This option reduces stitching artifacts that result when part of an object indeaign rasterized while another part of the esport remains in vector form. Important settings are outlined in red. Depending on the dialog box, you can type a name in the Name text box or accept the default.

Uses the document flattening preset for this spread. Generally preserves spot colors. If a transparent object overlaps a spot color object, undesirable results may occur when you export to EPS format, and then convert spot colors to indesigb colors upon printing or create color separations in an application other than InDesign.

If I would import and open in Photoshop, I could simply choose “flatten image” and resave as whatever file type i wanted.

Flatten transparent artwork

Scott k 14 Highlights all text that will be flahtened if involved in transparency or because Convert All Text To Outlines is selected. If you create documents for both print and web, decide which is more important, and then expoft the blend space that matches the final output.

You can enter the name of an existing preset to edit that preset. This option is useful for service providers who need to see graphics that require attention to print properly. He might should even provide you his own preferred PDF profile.