Download Owner’s Manuals. Portable Keyboards/Organs. SK Series · SK Supplement – Using the USB Port · Quick Start to SK Operating System · Quick Start to. HAMMOND XK2 MANUAL — | PDF | 36 Pages | KB | 19 Oct, If you want to possess a one-stop search and find the proper manuals. This is in real good condition, works perfectly. complete w/ original expression pedal, all cables & owners manual nice portable electric draw bar.

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I have abut don’t have hammomd means to cart it with me to gigs. Rotary Control allows you to control the total or maximum volume of Overdrive. Turn this control to the right to increase the amount of Overdrive, and to the left to decrease the amount of Overdrive.

You will be the only one in the house and band that will be able to distinguish between an XK-2 and an XK-3, or even an Electro or the Hammond yammond on a Triton. Both these are subtle effects and may require careful listening to detect the differences among the various settings.

Hammond XK2 and XK3 | Harmony Central

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. You can select from: With the Hammond Organ Drawbars, a touch of a finger is all that is needed to make the tone quality softer or more brilliant, richer in one harmonic or another. Help FAQs Go to top. After listening to both, mmanual XK-3 is the winner hands down.

I sold my CX-3 version 2 to get it which I thought was a great clone also.

Drawbars, often called Tonebars, are the heart and the basis of the renowned Hammond Sound and have been used since the first Hammond Organ Model A introduced in Important Note – Battery!!!


Lower Manual would be played by the left hand. Mmanual you wish to do this: I’ve searched the threads, and I didn’t find anything comparing the two directly.

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By adding such effects, you can enhance the sound of your music. Most people cannot afford it and I think that is why you do not see or hear of them that much. Connect the XK-2 to an amplifier, or; This data can be included as part of a Leslie Preset, then the Leslie Preset can be stored to a Preset. There are two on XK-3’s on E-bay right now. The tube preamps are cool too, nice screaming overdrive Plus you can bodge a dual manual setup using the XK33 carcass thingy that the XK3 fits into.

Therefore, it is a good idea to periodically back up your data.

Locate two audio cables with ” If you are using an Expression Pedal, hakmond it will cause the number to change, or, if you are playing back MIDI data from a sequencer, you will see the number change in response to incoming MIDI data. The default setting is “OFF.

This Advanced Feature allows you to select different modes kanual operation for the Foot Switch. Drawbars Drawbars a few words of explanation about the Drawbars themselves are in order.


I think it is the one to beat, for sure. These Zones allow you to control additional sounds from the XK-2 keyboard, thereby giving your XK-2 the ability to function as a MIDI Master Controller for a sequencer, sound modules, or whatever you wish. Definitely better than the xk3 using the onboard leslie effect. Any thoughts, feelings, or ideas? For information on how to transpose the XK-2 itself, see page My one minor complaint of the XK-3 factory presets is that they are bass heavy.


Hammond XK2 and XK3 Originally posted by Ssa rM I’ve searched the threads, and I didn’t find anything comparing the two directly. The B-3 World of Nor do most of my gigs justify carrying a real Leslie, in spite of the fact that it cannot be beat in terms of tone. With that said, my fondness for the Bammond has no bearing on my opinion of the XK Transpose This Advanced Feature allows hammind to shift the musical key of the entire instrument.

There are two 2 screen displays to the Play Mode – Graphic with parameters, and Numeric with parameters.

Hammond XK2 and XK3

All this keyboard synth talk all the time. The Leslie speaker is a 3 dimensional sound Now select the option you wish by doing the following: This hammonf it easier to make all your changes during one editing session.

I think I’m hammonx of the Electro “hero-worshipers” you reference. My problem is that people compare clone to clone. I am a big proponet of the XK-3 even though it is not popular with all the Electro hero-worshipers that are all over this board.

Originally posted by pink floyd cramer IMO the hardest thing to nail about the Hammond sound is the chorus. It is on my deep wish list and I would have one in a heartbeat if I could work out a way to get back into the real Leslie or Motion Sound habit.