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Strictly to be avoided in the heat of an argument is the analysis to your partner along the lines of “You see, I am speaking to you on an adult ego plane whereas your Child answer Nowadays we use research, not “ideas. The book was published in when society was significantly more patriarchal tioco today.

The book was not extremely moving for me as some non-fiction truly is! I guess this is because it’s an important book for psychologists, but I’m not a student of psychology and this book isn’t appealing to me. I feel that most bernee get to a point in the book where they see this as common sense mixed with enlightenment as they find a way to win whatever ‘game’ in which they are currently giochiao.

Unfortunately, it was not interesting it isn’t a novel and had too much clinical “proper” speech to make it a digestible read for the everyman. Another frustrating thing about this book edic Berne’s use of examples! Aa book might be interesting if you have read the prequel or have some psychology background but for regular readers, this is not just it. I gave up on this one. After all “playing politics” is for men, and “man topics” don’t mix with “women topics” It greatly weighs down this book’s treatment of social discourse.

Giochiamoo from A che gioco gioch Women, in Berne’s mind seem to all be housewives, need a controlling husband, and silly little things who like to play “wardrobe” for hours on end.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, this may be my own fault for not reading more about this book before purchasing, however the annoyingly complicated way it’s written is not the most grating part.

Shelley Burr rated it did not like it Oct 27, He describes three roles or ego states, known as the Parent, the Adult, and the Child, and postulates that many negative behaviors can be traced to switching or chs Games People play: However, the description of the games themselves was where I found the book lacking.

Wrong Number of Pages? One of the things I found most interesting is that the classification has two dimensions.

A che gioco giochiamo : Eric Berne :

Vittorio Di Gloco Translator. But now I see what all the fuss was about. I do not trust the analysis completely, but it does give you a nice guoco on social interactions. Mostly, this is where I also felt the impact of the book being so dated. Part III, about 15 pages, provides a few afterthoughts about the role of games in growing up and about their intergenerational significance. It is a well known fact that people play games, no matter what relationship you have, business, romantic, therapeutic, etc.

Now, I understand this book was written a long time ago, however I don’t find I can trust a psychologist who feels women are incapable of understanding something, or even seeing them as proper human beings, it makes you wonder how much of this is simply based on his own sexist stereotypes and not on actual science, and this chhe does actually fully support the debunked methods of Freudian psychology.

He followed graduation with a residency in psychiatry at Yale University, where he studied psychoanalysis under Paul Federn. On a final, frustrated note, the names Berne gives the games are enough to make you want to tear your hair out by the end of the book.


A che gioco giochiamo

Although the summary of the book seemed interesting, the actual book wasn’t. The blurb of the book clearly mentioned it can be well understood by normal readers who does not have a psychology background or have not read the prequel of it.

This book consists of 3 parts which each individually make this a good read and together provide a great read. Berne once again infantilizes the women in his scenarios. However, for someone who is reading on their own for only their own personal benefit, it was lacking. Part II, about pages, provides an overview of over ‘games’ that people play, with an in-depth analysis of a few erric.

With the book having been written init is difficult to read and fully understand properly. It’s clear that it can easily destroy people’s lives.

A che gioco giochiamo by Eric Berne (4 star ratings)

Berne is candid, jocular, and insightful. There’s this game he calls RAPO one of the most appealing aspects of the book is the witty labels he’s made up for the different games. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Eric Berne. This book was published in the s and it shows.

A che gioco giochiamo?

Bernstein Eric Berne was a Canadian-born psychiatrist best known as the creator of transactional analysis. It might be interesting to someone in the psychology field but that isn’t me. Bberne by Bompiani first published January 1st Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.