More info on the Electrix Repeater than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! Electrix Repeater manual pdf – from the Electrix site. The uniquely styled Electrix carton should containÉ o Electrix Repeater o Warranty Card o Repeater User Manual o International Switching Power Supply ( with a. Documents, presets, manuals Electrix Repeater MKII – Audiofanzine.

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A power-saving Sleep mode retains all data, as long as the unit is plugged in. Page 9 The range of the tempo control may be limited record, re-sample, pan, pitch, slip, and FX insert all by the speed of the storage device. Beat Detection conforms already-recorded drum loops automatically to whatever audio you want to add.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Repeater identifies the electrox and tempo of your input audio and uses it to drive Repeater’s internal clock which determines the tempo of any recorded loop.

A sin- gle momentary footswitch will control the Record function.

Electrix Repeater User Manual | 48 pages

If there is room to rpeeater the display will indicate the current source loop on the left and destination loop on the right.

In the Studio Setup create a device In Beat Detection mode it may be necessary to help Repeater define the downbeat. Connecting this way will ensure safe passage of your tone through Repeater. Any changes you make are immediately saved every time without bothering to ask you.

Electrix Repeater User Manual

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Tracks on Repeater are much like tracks on any hard disk or tape based recorder. Repeater User’s Comments at Harmony Central. Internal memory is limited to 8MB, which translates to about 85 seconds of record time.

Midi | Electrix Repeater User Manual | Page 37 / 48

SYNC There are three sync modes: Along those lines, we would rfpeater to hear what you can do with Repeater and other Electrix gear. You can pick other looping points and trim loops via the extensive editing functions. One thing that makes Repeater so much fun is that the often tedious and analytical trench work involved with making one loop play in sync and pitch!

  LEY1010DE 2006 PDF

More appropriately, Reverse Play is a fun way to create reverse solos and ambient textures. Start Free Trial Sign In. So call eleftrix friends and tell them how smart you are for buying Repeater, then sit down and learn how to use it.

Good quality becomes very important when bouncing down tracks or stretching tempos and pitch a lot. I’m sure this would be an easy fix for anybody with basic electronics knowledge. Page 2 This equipment elecrrix, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and Electrix, a div. Overdubbing with automatic level reduction is clever– again, no brain power or extra work mixing together subsequent layers. I have been using these loopers in my live show for the last 5 years as a solo musician and absolutely swear by them.

You can even move the trim point past zero to add silence to the beginning or end of your loop. Before You Begin Repeater was designed for creative people, and as a tool to spark the creative process. This was the first unit I bought, and, although still functioning properly, the fader for channel 1 came off during a tour a few years ago.

Midi – Electrix Repeater User Manual

Inevitably, the power supply cable has become a little bits worn over the years of gigging, but this would be maanual easy fix for anybody with a bit of electronics know-how. To set the level, plug in your instrument and tweak the Input Level knob until the LED flickers red just on the loudest notes.

More Repeater User Reviews Needed – please do one!! If you change the tempo of the. Repeater are Sandisk, Simple technologies, Kingmax and our own cards.


There is a front instrument jack for plugging in guitars or synths and a headphone monitor out. The drum loop still only takes up one bar’s worth of memory. In the absence of an input signal the beat detection software will lock onto the last stable tempo and hold there.

Using an amp with an effects loop It is best to plug Repeater into the Effects Loop of your amp if it has one.

DJs can do this without MIDI right on the front panel by putting a loop in play and then selecting the next loop in memory. I like Electirx because it operates simply and so differently from menu-driven units or computer-based loop programs such as Sonic Foundry’s Electri or even Ableton’s more advanced Live 1.

Native Te m p o. If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Repeater for looping, please contact us. T Elextrix I MM I N G When you first record into an empty loop Repeater pads the record- ing a little, leaving you extra room at the start and end to develop the best loop points. If Repeater is having trouble tracking the incoming beat, try tapping along with the Tap Tempo to rein.

Page 7 Reverse Play is a fun way to realize reverse solos and ambient textures. You can use the Transport to define the position of the down- beat: If In different cases this could cause Repeater to speed the loop up to resync the beats. Use the Tempo knob to adjust the level while holding down the Tempo Lock button. Putting Repeater into User sync will prevent this.

Repeater is designed to enable music creation without much cerebral pondering or forethought.