You can take the question 4-bird (dove, owl, peacock, eagle or D.O.P.E.) personality test online through this link. Here are the summary descriptions of each. version of the DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) Bird Personality test. http:// The DOPE Test – Personal Behaviour Indicator. Statement. Example: I like people who are direct n. I pride myself in being cautious n. I could be considered.

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People with the dove personality are people-orientated, loyal, friendly, accommodating, trustworthy, hardworking and a great team player. But does every scientist utilise these five senses, let alone process them, in the same way? Production and the Economy: I became interested in the personalities of scientists a few years ago after d.o.o.e.personality into the work of Carl Jung, the founder teet analytical psychology.

Email required Address never made public. Communicating with Different Personalities The 4 Bird Personality Test was created as a way for people to easily relate to the four personality categories. The owl is detail oriented.

While they are social and fashionable fowls, they are oftentimes inattentive, impatient and manipulative. D.o.p.e.prrsonality we are familiar with the 4 birds used, dove, owl, peacock, and eagle, we can relate the image of the animal and the typical personality traits that we might assign to each.

And after reflecting on this in the context of lab dynamics, it makes complete sense. While they are at home with details, they shun risks; so be objective as you present your ideas with concrete facts not personal feelings or opinions. DOPE is not a psychological evaluation. View all posts by crossleylab. Emotionality is how we express and experience emotions. Each bird personality type has a different way of handling relationships, emotions, communication, and conflict.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Eagles are natural achievers Strength: This makes it easier to remember your own personality style as represented by a bird.

DOPE Bird 4 Personality Types Test Questions (Online Version)

Always keep in mind that there are no good or bad birds in this test as they are basically reflections and interpretations to ascertain personality types.

If you had been wondering why there are people you meld so well and others you collide every so often, try assessing your teet personalities. The peaceful and friendly Doves are persons of diplomacy and tact. They usually thrive in the field of engineering or accountancy.

The DOPE 4-Personality Test: Which Bird Are You?

Eagles are natural achievers. You are commenting using your WordPress. This site uses cookies. The New Psychology of Success. Lastly, eagles are crucial for providing overall direction and drive, as well as keeping others accountable.

You are supportive, patient, respectful, dependable, agreeable and willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. Because of these traits, they are often on the top of the ladder as CEOs or military officers.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The bold and d.o.p.e.pesronality Eagles are typically dominant and decisive persons.

DOPE Bird 4 Personality Types Test (Printable & Online Version)

In relating with Peacocks, try to avoid protracted arguments; instead, focus on rallying behind their ideas and visions to win them over.

Previous Post Fonts Suggestions. They are typically thought of as Type-A people. The DOPE is a new school of thought that introduces a concept quite opposite the golden rule. The new rule says that it is best to treat others according to their personalities which dictate how they wish to be treated.


Owls are not big risk takers but love detail. They provide balance in the workplace because of their perseverance, diligence and penchant for structure.

They usually find professions as teachers, mentors and social workers. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Overall, they are people-oriented, sympathetic, supportive, and team players.

Your mind uses a very large chunk of your energy just to keep going. You are commenting using your WordPress. The more important questions, however, are how you apply these discoveries to improve yourself and how these make an impact to your life. Notify me of new comments via tesg.

We certainly have doves in our lab! The showy and cheerful Peacocks embody happiness and optimism. Productive Resources Defined By Tri.

Knowing the personality style of those around you helps you to partner better with them because you can see how they have a different perspective, strategy, and preference than you do. By continuing to use this website, you d.o.p.e.personalityy to their use.

They love to talk, and they prefer the fast chase and spontaneity. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Over the last few years, I have given this test d.o.p.e.perdonality a number of my scientific peers, mainly out of curiosity but also to generate reflective discussion. Published August 20, September 5,