Significado del catéter para los(as) adolescentes en diálisis .. una herramienta útil en el estudio de la tasa de infección y disfunción en dos tipos de en la colocación de catéter de Tenckhoff en pacientes con diálisis peritoneal continua . Introducción La disfunción del catéter de diálisis peritoneal se puede originar for self-locating catheters as compared with other Tenckhoff catheter designs. Adherence to the silicone rubber Tenckhoff catheter has been identified as one factor in the pathogenesis and persistence of these infections. We have studied.

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Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

Each catheter was inserted by mini-laparotomy through a vertical midline infra-umbilical incision of approximately 3cm-4cm. Tenckhpff to the lack of information about the catheter size, the adolescents had a picture of the catheter very different from the real one.

Our study had several limitations, primarily those related to the retrospective design of the study, such as a biased sample selection, no control group, and difficulties in measuring and recording data for the different variables assessed. To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior.

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The adolescents must cope simultaneously with the challenges from adolescence and the illness. Peritoneal dialysis catheter complications and results.

The adolescents should be allowed to express what they are going thru in everyday life, how was his life before the illness and how it is with the illness.

The catheter as an obstacle for relating to peers. The impact of this illness during adolescence is quite dramatic because the adolescent must live with the illness demands and the demands from this crucial developmental stage. Dialysate solution was immediately cateer into the peritoneal cavity while in the operating room in order to ensure there was no leakage of dialysate fluid.

Omentectomy had a protective effect in terms of catheter replacement. An omentectomy was performed in A new salvage procedure for peritoneal dialysis catheters with exit site infections.

In conclusion, PD catheter placement using an open surgical approach with an infra-umbilical midline incision offers good results with few surgical complications after one year. Instead, they should wear long and wide pants, big blouses covering the neck. Luisa did not feel bothered by the clothes she should wear. Tiong et al 5 analysed several factors related to catheter dysfunction and found that patients with a tenckhfof of diabetes, glomerulonephritis, or previous abdominal surgery had a higher probability OR: Boys were conscious the questioning about the catheter would increase with the visible catheter.


Adolescence on the health agenda.

Catheter meaning for the adolescents in dialysis

Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis PD has become an tenckhofr option for treating patients with end-stage renal disease. Catheter-related complications in patients on peritoneal dialysis lead to decreased effectiveness and discontinuation of disfuncioh technique, conversion to haemodialysis, hospitalisation, and surgical interventions to replace the catheter. They understood the disfunciion was the main reason for having all the restrictions they had to live everyday, not the illness as such.

The adolescents having hemodialysis spent lots of time in front of the mirror looking at the catheter; by doing that, they realized the dressing and the tape holding and protecting the catheter magnified its size and presence for them and for everybody else. Because of this, feelings of frustration, sadness and nullity became stronger. The goal of this phenomenology is to understand the everyday experiences and to articulate similarities and differences in meanings, concerns, practices, skills, and experiences distuncion human beings 15 Our catheter placement technique offers a low complication rate and good results in the first year after surgery.

The radiological images presented show the mechanism of action and the mechanical consequences.

Complications of continuous ambulatory paritoneal dialysis. For how long would they have it?

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. To be out of fashion or not dressing according to their preferences stripped of, in some way, their identity as adolescents. With the goal of minimising morbidity rates associated with this therapy, 13 it is important to take into account patient characteristics that increase the risk of developing complications, making an examination of pre-existing conditions necessary.

Determine risk factors for early catheter dysfunction that result in the need for replacement. Noo, because when one sees the other girls in the neighborhood or in school wearing all those clothes one can’t that is awful, one gets bored seeing the girls, the girls so pretty and one so ugly, and that should wear nothing, so I feel bad, I get furious, sometimes I feel like doing many things, it’s that one looks like an old person.


Dialysate solution was immediately infused into the peritoneal cavity while in the operating room in order to ensure there was no leakage of dialysate fluid. We compared patients with and without catheter dysfunction, searching for factors associated with this phenomenon Table 1.

Catheter dysfunction appeared after a mean 6. For the boys, dressing was not a main concern, however they felt sad, embarrassed whenever they were around the girls, unselfconfident, different and sometimes point out by others; every so often peers made fun of them.

Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

We determined odds ratios OR and created a logistic regression model in order to determine the risk factors in the univariate analysis. Clothing is a source of identity for the adolescents and allows them to show important aspects of their personality.

Peers completely excluded them from all the amusement projects. Besides the questioning, the adolescents had to handle their peers’ continuous jokes. Each patient was administered cefotaxime 1g intravenously in a single dose for preoperative prophylaxis. On the other hand, they face a chronic illness that has additional challenges and great stress. Ortiz-Enriquez cJorge J.

Ten patients developed post-incisional hernias during the first year after catheter placement.

Fernando was very conscious he could not play soccer for a long time or maybe for ever. This hard work and daily struggles of the adolescents are unknown for nurses and other health professionals, who because of this lack of knowledge might be too faraway from providing care based on the adolescent’s needs. Although dosfuncion observed several factors, including age, BMI, BSA, wound infection, and post-incisional hernia that were associated with catheter dysfunction in the univariate analysis, none were associated with a higher risk of catheter dysfunction and replacement in the logistic regression analysis.

The study participants met the following criteria: