STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations. Relevant DEWA’s. DEWA’s requirements for electric installations in order to safeguard to the sixteenth edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, British Stan-. The Electricity Wiring Regulations (Third Edition). 3. The Regulation and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Dubai Municipality.

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Cables shall be fastened securely by purpose made clips, cleats or saddles. Ambient Air Temperature Max. The armoured cables, for underground installation shall normally be laid at 90 cm below the ground level and provided with a layer of at least 15cm impervious soil around.

We will definitely be using your services again in the future and would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring your expertise. All distribution boards shall be instalkations flush or surface mounted at a height not exceeding 2 meters to the top of the distribution board from the finished floor level.

Wherever fittings with discharge light, compact fluorescent lamps or low volt lamps installed, the circuit breaker rating, circuit conductor sizes and number of fittings may be suitably selected rdgulations on the actual load, including losses, for specific application.

Double pole switch, of appropriate rating, with flex outlet mounted adjacent to the unit shall be provided for control of other room air-conditioning unit. Insulation comprising both basic insulation and supplementary insulation Duct: Applicants may have none or insufficient experience working on Solar PV systems.

To add to our strength we have a team of experienced Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians on site to take care of the customer’s requirement. Licensed, bonded and insured, we provide reasonable prices and quality workmanship. A part providing a defined degree of protection against contact with live parts from any usual direction of access. Suitable correction factor shall be applied to deaa corresponding current carrying capacity, based on the number of circuits installed within the trunking.


All starters, isolators and push buttons shall be clearly marked in Arabic and English stating which machine they control and their function. Wherever, more than one ‘Earth electrode” is installed, within the consumer premises, these shall be spaced at minimum 6 meters apart.

Assess initial demand with safe diversity and anticipated demand in future, if any, as applicable to individual circuits, for selection of cable size, breakers rating, etc. A circuit connected directly to current-using equipment, or to a socket-outlet or socketoutlets or other outlet points for the connection or such equipment. A manufactured enclosure for the protection of cables, normally of rectangular cross section, of which one side is removable or hinged.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) Enroll as DRRG Solar PV Consultant/Contractor

For the purposes of the Regulations a lamp holder, however supported, is deemed to be a luminaire. Paper – Electrical Installations 2. Connecting of the exposed-conductive-parts of an installation to the main earthing terminal of that installation.

Solar PV contractor for Shams dubai program more.


Voltage by which an installation or part of an installation is designed. Adequate level of illumination shall regulatione provided to facilitate safe operation at all time.

elcetrical Our team will first study the proposed additional load requirementand then based on existing as-built documentations and site visits provide our proposal. The trays shall be provided with upstands on both sides. Mission Our mission is to establish long – term, mutually rewarding relationships with each of our valued clients by consistently surpassing their expectations and gaining their trust through exemplary and dedicated performance by every member of the LLE Team.


LINKLIGHT – Electrical Services

Such means of isolation shall effectively interrupt the supply on all phases. The consumer’s earth electrode resistance and continuity of ECCs shall be periodically checked and maintained as above, to ensure consumer safety. When motor starting gear is regulaions from an auxiliary circuit, the circuit shall also isolated during maintenance.

Adequate mechanical and electrical interlock between the incomer circuit breakers or isolators of both generator and DEWA supplies shall be provided. To apply for enrolment, the following documents must be submitted through the link: We at Link Light Electrical Works pride ourselves electircal delivering projects on time and under budget with the highest quality and safety for our valued stakeholders.

Experience of two 2 years and at least three 3 Solar PV planets in: Weather proof switches shall be used for all outdoor installations. Equipment which converts electrical energy into another form of energy, such as light, heat or motive power.

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Our employees dedicate time to understand the need and concerns of clients in order to provide them installaations the best solution to fulfill their need according to top industry standards. The routes of all cables shall be clearly marked by cable route markers, at regular intervals not exceeding 10 meters along straight runs and 2 meters at deviations in the route.

PVC conduits shall be used for all such applications 6.

Cables shall e fastened securely by purpose-made clips, cleats or saddles at spacing as recommended inAppendix Backup power system for LV related systems. This may result from an insulation failure or abridging of insulation.