Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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There is a long staircase going beyond the next room.

The Let’s Play Archive

Detoonado should fall quickly after that. You’ll appear in an ugly-looking area. Talk to the old man and he will give you a mirror. It’s south of Carmen.

Breath of Fire IV Part #53 – Chapter LII: Of Gods And Men

Take the right and the stairs way to the south to initiate another boss fight. From here you must go back to the Fortress. The party has made a camp and Nina tells Ryu about she and her sister’s background but stops. Operate the switch to lower the anchor down and climb up the ladder up for a treasure chest. Nina should be at least 11 by now.

Go to the workers’ hostel and kitchen side has a person who has items and weapons for sale whereas the right side is the bedroom of the workers.

I credit myself for making this guide. Fou-Lu goes along the path to the right but the burning tree branches fall down and blocks the path. The next boss fight will be on the hardest you will fight. It will go and eat the fruit but it spots the party and runs away. His highness also impresses Cray’s strong believe on himself although being accused by Rudia and tells Nina whatever they do to find Elina, his highness will fully support them, protect them.


Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

From the entrance of the Fortress, head east and follow the path north. At the West Continent, Fou-Lu is completely recovered. For others, it might take a bit longer.

Equip hreath on Nina and follow the other path northwest. This time the party has to chase him in order to question him. If you are level 20 like I said you should be then this boss fight is a joke.

Head to Spring and head down the steps west of the item shop. The next day, Ryu wakes up and finds out he is alone so get out from the house. After you put in the egg, you will be instantly transported to Bleu and she will join your party for good. Please bear in mind that the shovel will be broken after several times of usage.

Just head back out and go to Spring to get some needed climbing gear. Transform Fou-Lu into Spiritual Dragon and uses fire breath to knock down it.


Larwi also with the party and he tells the party that the village is beneath the mountain but he has to leave the party and transform into the dragon.

Walk east across another bridge and follow the path. From this switch head to the north, and you should come upon the fourth switch. Ptn from the chest. Go upstairs and open the drawers for a W.

This one contains a hefty GP prize. From there, just climb up the stairs. Ddetonado leave the oasis and return to the town. Leave the small room and enter the doorway on the north there is no barrier blocking anymore.

Breath of Fire III FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

Valley of Desert Ship Enter the valley and there is large desert ship crashed into several pieces. Approach the outer chest to the left and one of the statues will chase you down a hole.

The guards will deal a detonavo amount of damage. The guards will come and enjoy the little brawl.