Carrion Comfort: A Novel [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels . The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Simmons (The Song of Kali) is a page epic that draws on a variety of genres–horror, science fiction. It is my opinion (mind you this opinion is based solely on this book, as I have not read anything else by Dan Simmons, but Carrion Comfort is.

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I did think the ending was great, and gave me tingles, I wish the whole book would have felt that way!

Seriously, for someone who dreads a book that passes the page mark, I should have been absolutely dying over this page monster. Horror books Novels by Dan Simmons Science fiction horror novels science fiction novels. And no, that’s no exaggeration.

I was so very consumed by it. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?


Jan 24, Bill rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Saul will pose as one of the runaways used as human pawns in the island games, being brought there by Tony Harod as instructed after his interrogation. I did know from friends warning me, to ignore the cover blurb comparing this to King’s The Stand, so I was not disappointed to find the two are worlds apart, but both are epic in scope and flawlessly executed.


This scythe-wielding baddie is turned into a joke shortly after his introduction, and he never reclaims his rightful spot as scary. This book is about people with mind control abilities of different strengths. It’s almost like they give evil a new name. I’m not sure what kind of expectations I had for this book before I started on it, but I can’t say that I was disappointed in any way.

View all 33 comments. Yes, I will never look at chess the same way again. The characters who successfully vanquish these racist and sexist foes in the climax of the novel are the very groups the villains consider less than human.

Carrion Comfort: A New Novel

I was seriously disappointed by it but at the same time, I did really enjoy some parts. They can walk in daylight; they don’t sleep in coffins; and they cast shadows and reflections.

I think you see my issue. Carriom a very long book, but the thousand pages are used well and if during the first half the end seems impossible far off, it accelerates towards you in the second. There really isn’t a main character, but several main characters, and several minor characters.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Quotes from Carrion Comfort. The simons and the hot tub scenes, along with what he did to Natalie Oct 03, J. I’m not talking about that. The antagonists, and there are too many to count, are some of the most sadistic, vile and racist bunch I have encountered. Next might be Summer of Night. Cojfort human chess game was horrifying. This book wore me out to say the least.


Carrion Comfort

The yearly reunion by Nina, Melanie and Willi The Oberst to discuss The Game ends in terror when a spat between both women results in nine bizarre murders. I’m no stranger to big books, I am a King fan after all, but this one felt particularly long.

Melanie catrion people in a blind panic and ends up in Germantown, Philadelphia. It could have been slightly shorter you all know the parts I’m talking about but too much of a good thing is better than a bit of a comrort thing.

Otherwise you could easily get lost and confused in some areas leaving you think “What the heck just happened? This surge of power is particularly high when they use others to commit acts of violence. I simply do not like the sound of the word “Negress”.

So – End Game? All I know is that I won’t get the pages back and I am kinda bitter about it.

Hyperion gets a lot of love but I seldom see any mention of this amazing book. This means they will not simply control a few people on the private island to see who is the most powerful, but control leaders of nations with nuclear results.