pollution problem, a straddle-type monorail has been introduced. As the first urban monorail introduced in China, the Chongqing monorail was opened to the . Elevated subways or monorail lines snaking through urban jungles in modern cities have become the norm. But how about trains that penetrate. July 31st, at Liziba in Yuzhong District of Chongqing, the Line 2 monorail passes through a building. Many netizens complain about/make.

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The Chongqing Monorail also is the only monorail system in the world with an X-shaped crossover point. Line 2, Chongqing Rail Transit.

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Inthe line was extended south to Yudong, where it connects to monorail line 3. The passenger capacity is 36, passengers per hour in each way. Craig Moore reports in March Chongqing Morning Paper in Chinese. Line 3 is the longest and busiest monorail in the world.

Chongqing Rail Transit – Wikipedia

This stretch, on the southern bank of the Jialing, offers impressive views to the north and west. So did the building come first or did the train tracks come first? Urban rail transit in China. Joe is a documentary producer and monoail based in Shanghai. Retrieved 19 November Username or Email Address.


The rail weighs Line 1, Chongqing Rail Transit. With that addition, Line 3 became the longest monorail chogqing in the world at Retrieved 29 December Wulidian – Chayuan 18 km 28 Feb Is this type of design within regulations?

The higher price is paid for transfers between the bus and the metro within 1 hour not including metro-to-metro, according to the paying time.

The city has monnorail stunning location, engulfed by mountains, valleys and gorges, with the city centre full of high-rise buildings, located on a tongue-shaped spit of land at the confluence of the mighty Jialing and Yangtze Rivers. CRT is expected to have 8 lines criss-crossing the urban districts by and a loop line connecting the commercial areas in the urban area.

New six-car trains were introduced on the line. Archived from the original on 27 August When Japan has light rail that passes through buildingsyou people call it a marvel, but when our country has a light rail that passes through buildings, you people talk shit. Line 4 in the previous blueprint received a huge update and was renamed to Loop Line, according to its new shape.


Line 6 is the second heavy-rail subway. Astonishingly, noise is not a problem because the train only generates 60 decibels as it moves through the building — roughly comparable to a ,onorail in restaurant. Construction began in January ofand the intitial line included 2.

Follow us Facebook Twitter instagram youtube. As a result, the light rail must pass through the building.

Chongqing Rail Transit

China Municipal Engineering Net. Chongqing Rail Transit No. Retrieved 1 December Traffic Control Technology [Note 4].