Cateye (CC-ST) Black Heavy Duty Wire Tomo XC Cyclocomputer **NEW Cateye CC-MCW Micro Wireless Function Bicycle CycloComputer Black. Find great deals for CatEye (cc-st) Black Heavy Duty Wire Tomo XC Cyclocomputer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. User manual for the device Cateye TOMO CC-ST Online user manual database.

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When main unit is left without receiving any signal for minutes continuously, power supply is shut down and main unit will display. The following situations do not indicate malfunction of the cyclocomputer. Check the following before taking to repair.

The unit will function normally if the speed display appears. Display response is slow. Current speed does not appear. Transmission signal loss in damp or wet conditions. Wipe the contacts with dry cloth. Contacts can also be treated with a water repellent silicon jell from an automotive parts cv-st200 hardware store. Do not use industrial water repellent; it may damage the bracket. Keep your eyes on. Softly wash away such objects csteye water. This is always displayed on the main display and updated once a second.

This is continuously measured until battery wears down or all clear opera- tion is done. At 10, miles kmit returns to zero and counting begins anew.

The trip distance from start to cc-st2200 point is displayed. With Reset opera- tion, it returns to zero. Elapsed time is measured from start to current point, in units acteye hours, min- utes and seconds. At 10 hours, it returns to zero and counting begins anew. With Reset operation, it returns to zero. The average speed from start to current point is displayed within 27 hours 46 minutes 39 seconds 99, seconds or If either is exceeded.


E is displayed and calculation ceases. With Reset operation, it returns to zero and counting begins anew. The current time is displayed by a hour clock. When on, AUTO symbol appears. Changes the display in the order shown in fig. Starts and stops the measurement of trip distance and elapsed time. During operation, speed scale symbol flashes. In Auto Function, this button is invalid. When pressed in stop state in each mode, the following can be revised. When done in ODO, registered wheel circumference will be displayed.

This should only be executed after replacing battery or when irregular display occurs due to static electricity, etc. Since all memories are erased, set necessary data again according to “Main Unit Preparation”.

The following must be completed before operating. Put a mark on the tire tread and ride the bike one full cateyr revolu- tion. Mark the start and the end of the revolution on the ground catyee then measure the distance between the two marks.

Xc-st200 is your ac- tual circumference. Or, the “Setting Values Cross Reference Table” ctaeye you an approximate circumference according to tire size.

Preform all clear operation. All displays will illuminate. Press M button to set desired speed scale. The display will change as fig.

Cc-t200 standard wheel circumference of cm for 27″ wheel is dis- played. When using cm without revision, press M button. ODO will be displayed and cm is set. To increase rapidly, hold down the but- ton. When the desired number appears, press M button. ODO will be displayed, and the desired number is set. The stored number will flicker on the sub-display. Revise the number as desired according to the instructions in 3. Setting the clock time Fig.


Tomo xc, Operating instructions – CatEye CC-ST200 User Manual

Press M button over 2 seconds to select. Then press SET button, and minutes flash. To advance rapidly, hold down the but- ton.

Set the time one or two minutes ahead of the current time. Then press M button, and hours will flash. Press SET button to complete time setting. For accuracy, set by the radio time signal. Main Display Speed B. Keep your eyes on the road and duly consider to traffic safety. Do not apply paint thinner, benzine, or alcohol, to avoid damages on the surface.

SPD Current Speed 0. DST Trip Distance 0. TM Elapsed Time 0: AVS Average Speed 0. MXS Maximum Speed 0. Sensor Pulse Symbol C. Speed Scale Symbol E.

Tomo XC Cyclocomputer CatEye Cat Eye Model Cc-st Bicycle Computer | eBay

Auto Mode Symbol F. Sub-Display Selected Function G. M Mode Button H. Battery Case Cover K. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.