Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie . Byways of blessedness By James Allen [James Allen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Along the highways of Burma there is placed. Read “Byways of Blessedness” by James Allen with Rakuten Kobo. Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the .

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While lying here I again dreamed that with greater vividness than ever before and it has filled me with dread and terror. And as with bad habits and lying so with all sin – with lust, hatred, malice, envy, pride, vanity, self-indulgence and selfishness in all its forms; it is a state of spiritual darkness, the absence of the Light of Truth in the heart, the negation of knowledge.

The Works Of James Allen. He who each day accomplishes some victory over himself, who subdues and puts behind him some unkind thought, some impure desire, some tendency to sin, is everyday growing stronger, purer, and wiser, and every dawn finds him nearer to that final glory of Truth which each self-sacrificing act reveals in part.

It’s a short read only 71 pages, but every page is loaded. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! Then there blossoms the pure and perfect flower of sympathy. That folly and selfishness entail suffering in ever-increasing degrees of intensity is preservative and good, for agony is the enemy of apathy and the herald of wisdom. The classic personal development and self-help book by Napoleon Hill. It will seem strange to many to be told that the hard-hearted and unfrogiving suffer most; yet it is profoundly true, for not only do they, by the law of attraction, draw to themselves the revengeful passions in other people, but their hardness of heart itself is a continual source of suffering.

Can the pouring in of more water prevent a flood? It is on such self-delusion as this that self-pity and self-martyrdom ever wait, and its self-inflicted misery is regarded by the deluded one as a holy and religious burden which he or she is called upon to bear. The solid, solid universe Is pervious to love; With bandaged eyes he never errs, Around, below, above.

That which is difficult to a child presents no difficulty to the matured mind of the man; and that which to the mind of an unintelligent man is surrounded with perplexity would afford no ground for perplexity to an intelligent man.


Nature will blessednees no slipshod work, no slovenliness, and she annihilates confusion, or rather, confusion is in itself annihilation. Growth – gain – necessitates sacrifice – loss. Power Through Constructive Thinking.

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One aspect of sympathy is that of pity – pity for the distressed or pain-stricken, with a desire to alleviate or help them bear their sufferings. The selfish man is the ignorant man; he chooses his own way, but it is a way which leads to suffering, and through suffering bywaye knowledge and bliss.

Love knows no heavy toil. Fre rated it really liked it Apr 04, You cannot sympathise with a person for whom you have conceived a hatred; you cannot enjoy the sympathy of one whom you envy.

Let a man start in business without having in his mind a perfectly formed plan to systematically pursue and he will be incoherent in his efforts and will fail in his business operations. The voice of the narrator becomes the voice of the author — melding into one powerful, yet gentle, guide for the blexsedness elucidation of each one who hears jmes recording.

Byways to Blessedness eBook by James Allen | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Classic Self Improvement Book. But this ceaseless condemnation of each other by those who are involved in the fierce play of the passions must needs, be, for it one of the modes of operation of the Great Law which universally and eternally obtains, and the unrighteous one who falls under the condemnation of his fellows will the more rapidly reach a higher and nobler condition of heart and life if he humbly accepts the censure of others as the effect of his own sin, and resolves henceforward to refrain from all condemnation of others.

And who is the blessed man? Through the Gates of Good, or Christ and Conduct: What is the real nature of a difficulty? Nor can he understand even the conditions in which he is living, because, being dark, they are necessarily devoid of all knowledge.

Forgiveness is one of the doorways in the faultless temple of Love Divine. He who knows this will meet difficulties in a courageous spirit, and, in overcoming them, will evolve truth out of error, bliss out of pain, and peace out of perturbation.

Byways of Blessedness. By James Allen. The James Allen Free Library

He later married Lily L. How do you commence your duties? See how in the material world everything proceeds from small beginnings. The truly honest man is honest in the minutest details of his life. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information.


He said jamez knew lying was wrong, but while he remained in business he must continue to do it. And then he understands, and understanding, he sympathises. Until this is done those other and higher places which are waiting for you cannot be bleessedness possession of, cannot be reached.

The pandering to the animal nature, even when it appears innocent and seems sweet, leads away from truth and blessedness. You can will to live each fragment nobly if you choose, and, this being done, there can be no particle of baseness in the finished whole.

Whatever others may do or say, even though they may mock and taunt you, impatience is not only unnecessary, it can never do any other than aggravate the evil which it seeks to remove.

The angry man indulgence in raillery and abuse because his knowledge does not extend to forbearance and patience. It is a great day in the life of a man though at the time he knows it not when bewildering perplexities concerning the mystery of life take possession of his mind, for it signifies that his era of dead indifference, of animal sloth, of mere vegetative happiness, has come to an end, and that henceforth he is to live as an aspiring, self-evolving being.

Byways of Blessedness

There is no weakness like peevishness. The elder Allen had hoped to settle in the United States, but was robbed and murdered before he could send for his family. This is the heavy price which they have to pay for their daily indulgence. The man who leasts governs himself is always more ambitious to govern others and assume important responsibilities.

Wisdom inheres in the common details of everyday existence, and when the parts are made perfect the Whole will be without blemish. Do you know the number of beginnings you are continuosly making, and realise their full import?