Buck has ratings and reviews. Joseph said: Buck: A Memoir by MK Asante is a young man’s account of growing up in the inner-city. Asante has an. A coming-of-age story about navigating the wilds of urban America and the shrapnel of a self-destructing family, Buck shares the story of a generation. MK Asante grew up in in north Philadelphia or as he calls it, “Killadelphia.” In his new memoir, Buck, he details how he went from a drug.

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‘Buck’ Tells Of Wild Childhood In ‘Killadelphia’

Memorable autobio delivered direct like a Joe Frazier left hook. Did you ever come away from a reading experience with so many emotions you can’t begin to put into words how the book made you feel and you feel like any words you write about it won’t do the book justice? Aug 20, Pages Buy. Asante MK Asante is an award-winning writer, filmmaker, hip-hop artist, and professor of creative writing and film at Morgan State University.

Loving the lyricality, language, cadence, emotion and contemporary voice that blitzes eyes as if the story is a rabid narrative with a fierce need to be read immediately. Other lyrics are more asamte and violent, but in them are message of repression, unity, and fighting for your rights.

A must read book.

I got this book free, from the Goodreads giveaway. Mar 16, Audra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Km rap contains allusions to Rivers, a poem by Langston Hughes.

Buck: A Memoir by M.K. Asante

There are spoilers coming. The school system only works buxk a rigid set of rules, non-negotiable, can’t be sociable with his friends, recreation on the side, think the system will let it slide. May 13, Pages Buy.

This is buuck fascinating memoir, but it reads more like a superb novel. The sophistication of M. In fact, that city is the true star of this book. But the other critical factor is the reemergence of his father, who to be fair has been trying to call him, trying to get in touch with him, but Malo has been unable to forgive him for abandoning the family and bkck his mother to flounder unaided in an untenable situation.


Language is the words of the street, and those unfamiliar will be searching the internet to find appropriate translation and meaning. Views Read Edit View history.

‘Buck’ Tells Of Wild Childhood In ‘Killadelphia’ : NPR

When reading BUCK you’ll not only get to understand the experience of the Hip Hop Generation in inner cities, you’ll get read about it in a poetic form that reminds me of the impact of Richard Wright’s Native Son. It was a nice reminder that it is always a good time to diversify your reading and expand your world view. Reading the first chapters of this book gave me such an anxiety attack that the man did well to get out of the house before I started sewing name tags into his hoodies and packing him a plastic lunch box to take to school and work.

But being a true buck is bucking against the status quo, bucking against asznte statistics, the norm. A Memoir Cover of Buck: But there asanet no glossary, so for example, if the word “blunt” budk something that is not sharp-edged, and nothing else, you may get dizzy and give up.

Hip Hop lives in the pages of this book. Did you ever come away from a reading experience with so many emotions you can’t “This all feels like broken glass in my mind. Some of his lyricism fell flat as well, even though much of it was wonderfully evocative and original. All of which highly recommends this memoir.

Do yourself a favor and listen to him read his work. The genuineness of this story will prove important buxk its’ ultimate success, because today’s youth can sniff out fakery with the greatest of ease. It is uplifting without a shred of sappiness. Buck is a story of surviving and thriving with passion, compassion, wit, and style At only 30, Asante is an author, poet, filmmaker and hip-hop artist and a professor of creative writing and film at Morgan State University.

But things fell asantee, and a decade later MK was in America, a teenager lost in a fog of drugs, sex, and violence on the streets of North Philadelphia. A Memoir by MK Asante. I may not have always been familiar with the street lingo that was used, but the context steers you where you need to go. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Most prominent among asantf strengths here, Asante is fearless in his largely successful experimentation with form, which gives his story a unique and distinctly appropriate voice and correspondingly authentic effect on his audience.

There are many definitions of the word “buck;” it’s a term for a person, for money, for an act of rebellion, or of sex, and in the end, M. A coming-of-age story about navigating the wilds of urban America and the shrapnel of a self-destructing family, Buck shares the story bukc a generation through one asaante and riveting voice.

The language and sensibility wears a noticeable twelve-year lag, it seems to me, but it is nuck none-the-less. Writing during the trial of George Zimmerman There is asantr Trayvon Martin situation happening almost every day in this country. I note he is a filmmaker. They make wsante write, and in writing, he finds his own voice. Moreover, he manages to capture the terror and thrill of his troubled teenage years without moralizing or glamorizing.

As he comments, he now understands why it was illegal to teach a slave to read or write, because there is such power in the written word. Looking outside the systems he sees hope, in criminal activity. Perhaps a second volume is planned, and the hope for that is, may it be as nourishing and honest as this one has been. Parts of it are very dark and sad.

Later on when we’re boarding the bus, he finds me in my seat and passes it to me like, here have it, I just finished it.