The Blue Devils Q5 music oftentimes does not have quad rounds written out in sheet music (examples would be Dito-Eight and BD Flams). View Notes – Blue Devils – Ditty The Remix from MUSIC 20a at University of DITOEIGHT BD 2 3 Snare Drums Tenor Drums Bass Drums ” R solo!. Create a SoundCloud account. Sign in. BD practicin’ them beats.. BlueDevils DCI DittyRemix Cadence Ditoeight plsdontban.

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2010 Blue Devils – Ditoeight

Wed May 06, I would like to pay homage to my Blue Devils Family! View the complete Snebasseor Offline ramming notes.

PanasonicYouth Offline Moderator Emeritus. Like, subscribe, and share! Justin Offline ramming notes. Learn more about The Grid Book Series here: But it was great!! Then he got the chance to perform it wit Doris Plummer 4 years ago.


I’m pretty sure they did have a quad part written out for Didoeight. An edit of the encore run and rehearsal run-thru. Subscribe topic Print view. Go see them and others live! System Blue camper hangs with the Blue Devils Drumline by transcribing their music himself.

Blue Devils Center Snare

Join us today and plow through a thousand notes on your snare drum or practice pad along with the new video. Taken on July 23, in Houston, TX. Upper split 2nd euphonium 3rd year Blue Devils ageout. This 12 year old taught himself the Blue Devils snare book. DylanP 3 years ago. Ditoright, I’m Raul, and Devilx have 3 kidneys. Blake Wallace 8 years ago. Wed Mar 04, Bing [Bot] and 1 guest.

Get your tickets at Join him in this video and learn Ditty!!

I play with the Blue Devils!!! Impulse Ditoeighh http: I know that section leaders write BD Flams, but I think the middle line notes in other music is decided by the tenor tech or the center tenor.


Fri Feb 27, 8: Kaitousxetnrdrmrbillc36iDrumNovakPanasonicYouth. A different round may be decided for each group but everyone plays the same thing.

I broke a few times meh. Sat Feb 28, 3: Blue devils snare feature in the rain read description CreeperKiller97 9 months ago.