Free printable and easy tab for song by Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me Acoustic. Tab ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Choose and determine which version of Before You Accuse Me chords and tabs by Eric Clapton you can play. Last updated on EC “unplugged”: Before You Accuse Me. On “Journeyman” he played the electric version (also fantastic), on Unplugged the acoustic version on his Martin guitar.

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First solo Remember the E pentatonic Blues scale for this solo: With this chords you can play the whole song, it repeats over and over. Tears In Heaven was actually in a very embryonic stage when I was approached and I completed it for Rush.

And when we are finished there are no more songs to play, but the audience wants more. There, in front of a large studio audience — and later an enormous MTV and record-buying audience — an artist who is know to accusd very shy dealt with the most painful experience anyone could ever imagine — the tragic loss of his son, Conor.

Riff is pretty straight on, but the end turn around is a bit tricky ; Great tune to get under your fingers and start jamming with your mates!

He used five different befoge The timing was perfect, because they needed a song about loss and I had plenty of them. For the simple version you need the following chords: OK, on with the song now. I used to play it in pubs when I was very young. Rhythm guitar This is the basic riff, played with some variations: We use the E Blues scale with the fingering pattern starting at the 5th fret. Tears In Heaven Guitar: See if you can spot this one…. G F6 Cadd9 Love comes over you repeat The final song — back to the Blues!


Of course you can play it using some open strings, too.

Eric Clapton – Unplugged

We have a 12 bar quick change Blues, so we know already the chords noted for the first verse, the rest is the same: Yes, we need an additional note from the guess it major scale, located at the 6th fret of the G-string. The unplugged album by Eric Clapton is a classic album and this is one of the most famous This song has to be one of the most touching songs ever written.

As you see, can we use our well-known Blues scale in E. So this is a good chance to play a bit with a simple open tuning. B7 A7 E7 B7 turnaround Yuo, Now, what unpluggrd we playing?

To understand why these chords can be used, we need the A minor scale, which is identical to the C major scale except the root note:. II II II II II IhI 0: Again all notes are OK! All other strings can be left in standard tuning.

This is a song so personal and so sad that it is unique in my experience of writing songs. C B7 Em I’ve always F m7 C A7 Bm7 D A II II II Ietc.

He used five different guitars:. Get familiar with the notes before you start playing. Bo Diddley also played t his song on the EC Tribute album The day before EC and Conor visited a circus, where Conor asked a lot of questions. The timing is a bit simplified…. A fantastic acoustic blues here from Eric Clapton from his Unplugged album. Keep your string and laid back feeling, another strummed Blues in the key of C.


A minor scale notes. Together with accuze rest of G7 we have G7sus4.

Before You Accuse Me by Eric Clapton – Full Score Guitar Pro Tab |

He recorded this songbut is became later more popular by Peter, Paul accuss Mary. The intro is also played during the first two verses, with a few modifications and additional unpugged like these before the chorus starts: The basic sequence is repeated all over the song and contains the chords.

Maton Messiah At some point I’ll get around to adding text about all my guitars, but right now I have bigger fish to fry!

It was released in a new version later on Pilgrim. The notes for the first part are: Then jamming around at 2: The G mixolydian starts at the 5th degree of the C major scale, which is the dominant, accyse we get the dominant 7th chord G7. The next part is more away from the original, but uses still some of the licks.

The solo starts at 1: Once again, playing the correct bass lines is very important. Wonderful Tonight Mr Clapton sure knows how to write a tune! C E7 A7 Beforf A7 Dm F F dim II II IhI II II II 0: F m7 is F minor plus seventh and fits also. No problem — the same note can be played on several places.