The Gulf War Did Not Take Place is a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard published in the French newspaper Libération and British paper The . View latest Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Home · Jean Baudrillard’s La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar. Read more. La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar / Jean Baudrillard ; traducción de Thomas Kauf.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His tone forces us to confront the terrifying fact that an attitude of tolfo indifference to something such as “the Gulf War” is absolutely possible for those of us in the post-industrial, wealthiest sectors of the world. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Jean Baudrillard’s Documents –

Should we consider multiplying clean wars in order to reduce the murderous death toll of peacetime? We experience only prepared realities–edited war footage, meaningless acts of terrorism, the destruction of cultural values and the substitution of ‘referendum’. On 30, Tom Douglas rated it liked it. I guess that title didn’t fly. This basically presented a clear instantiated example of hyper-reality for the events unfoldi What is vitally important to understand regarding Baudrillard’s thesis was that it wasn’t a literal denial of the war.

I’m sorry this luagr so long. Wastes which incarnate the secret violence of this society, uncoerced and non-degradable defecation.

This compilation is probably the most confusing piece of writing I have ever encountered because it is translated, Baudrillard is crazy, and I don’t know much about the Gulf War.

A really really great book that went sailing straight over the head of many American critics who wondered baurillard someone could deny that a war had taken place.

Jean Baudrillard’s Documents

A war as a media event, a spectacle created to support a sense of a palpable enemy and a just cause. He wants to constrain him to the truth and to transparency.


However with the expansive growth of social media his central thesis begins to feel antiquated now as the monopolization and control of images is not as pertinent or believable now.

Just re-read the book and I still think it’s great. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing French-language text. This is what happened in the Gulf War, and it has become the holotype for war in an age where there are no more great wars.

Plainly, the title is intended to attract attention and it’s a clever reference to Jean Giraudoux’s playbut Baudrillard simply fails to make any sort of case to support it.

There is not enough communication between them to make war upon each other.

I’m sure I was supposed to get more out of this than I did, but really The idea that a war can occur as a purely visceral, mental experience is super cool. A little hard to follow for a layman, but nonetheless a fascinating look at what effect the media has on the reality of modern “warfare”. He wrote 3 lengthy articles for a French publication and a few years later they were translated by a University of Wisconsin proffessor and compiled into a page book.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

When read against Der Derians Virtuous War, one realizes how close to the mark Baudrillard is, especially in light of Schwarzkopfs acquisition of a war game, which became the blueprint for America. I understood all these words separately but together not so much. Since this war was baudfillard in advance. Retrieved from ” https: The preface even states that the facts openly contradict the central thesis of the book.

And to use the phrase ” Lying son of a bitch! Lupus Books,p. Apr 28, Alison rated it it was ok.

We live in a world dominated by simulated experiences and feelings, Jean Baudrillard believes, and have lost the capacity glofo comprehend reality as it actually exists. Must we denounce the speed of light? Excellent read; at times, felt similar to an account of molestation.


Apr 20, Joe Mecham rated it it was amazing. Although he offers useful concepts and tools by suggesting that real events become contaminated by “the structural unreality of images” and applications of his hyper-reality thesis, his methodology paralyzes and leaves you catatonic without any way out as he states himself: A book of elongated versions of the truncated original articles in French was published in May Dec 25, Archit rated it really liked it.

In Jean Baudrillard’s words, “The very definition of the real has become: Oddly enough I recently came across a not-too-bad, positive review of this book in the National Review. Polity Press,pp.

It seems apparent he wasn’t concerned with objectivity as he insisted that the book could be read as a science fiction novel. Baudrillard made a couple of solid points in an un-solid manner; it seemed that the author of the introduction explained Baudrillard’s points better than himself.

It also bluntly states the following: Quotes from Dek Gulf War Did Mar 27, ufsb rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I have deep respect for his work and enjoy engaging with it critically, he seems to stand for everything I actively loathe in this book: When a Kuwaiti friend of mine saw the book in my room he commented “ohh really, thats not what I thought when I lived in Kuwait during the war. Baudrillard argued the Gulf Baudrllard was not really a war, but rather an atrocity which masqueraded as a war.

What he is really saying is that The Gulf War was interpreted differently by the rest of the world because of American media’s misrepresentation of it.