The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. . You can find more details about playing the game in the Manual. Contents. [hide]. 1 Battle for Wesnoth; 2 Developers; 3 Other Links; 4 Multilingual Players’ Sites The manual, The Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game. be much more useful as such (and harder to kill) by fighting and advancing. It’s a good manual.

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The game The Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game.

Battle for Wesnoth on Android FAQ

There you can select “Pointer follows finger”. A scenario’s stated objectives can often be fulfilled simply by having a clear strategy that is capable of absorbing chance events with little overall effect; But the objectives are not the purpose of the scenario, they are only constraints on success.

Likewise, play a campaign through until you can’t go any further or are just unsatisfied with your progress, then start again from the beginning with a better idea of how to play and prepare for what’s ahead, getting further each time. That depends on the location you have choosen on gor startup to hold your data. Text is too small to read.

Close the popup leaving default values Width: Any event that reveals new wesnkth such as an attack clears the undo list, making the last and previous moves non-undoable. The game starts up but tapping on buttons does not work. This simply marks a unit as okay where it is and removes it from the ‘Next unit’ cycle.


You really don’t want to manuql this by mistake or lapse in concentration. If I ask you to send a debug report this is the way to do it: Forum ModeratorsDevelopers. You may be happy with the defaults; I prefer v and alt-v. Smart Proxy A proxy with caching and prefetching.

It’s a good manual. The game will then unpack those instead of downloading.

Tips Do not leave your leader in the keep. This is the one sure way to check that you haven’t forgotten any units, which can easily happen whenever there are multiple active regions or units become separated through different mobility and mixed terrain.

You should try to make a habit of using it and make it as easy as possible to do so. Page hosted on Souceforge. Hover bqttle a unit and type d to open the help page for that unit. Instead, do what people normally do; dive in and pick things up as they become useful to you. Advanced scenarios can’t be solved by recruiting more level 1 units; they are too bathle and you can’t afford enough of them anyway.

Yathzee Play Yathzee online! To fix that, tap on “Change Configuration” button which appears for a few seconds on startup, select “Startup options” and check the “Set custom display resolution”. User Level Networking It’s hard to explain what’s batle in a few words Where are savegames located?


They are probably among the first things one has to learn. How to send a debug report?

Introductory Tips. – The Battle for Wesnoth Forums

Choose something far away from and unlike the other hotkeys. In Wesnoth, however, sometimes it is indeed a valid tactic to take up superior positions and wait a turn forr two for either a better time of day or the enemy to make the mistake of attacking, leaving them open for a good counterattack. The order of your actions should take this into account. Wesnoth is balanced such that most level 1 units are unlikely to be killed by 2 level 1 units in one turn, but are quite likely to be killed by 3 level 1 units in one turn.

Make sure you downloaded the “translations” package.

Alessandro Pira’s Homepage

Anything you need to know during play should be in here. On first startup sound and music are disabled by default. When you use ‘Next unit’, you’ll want this as well. End unit turn toggle.