Meidayanti, Gusti Ayu Made Diah Dwi () Gambaran Asuhan Keperawatan Pada Pasien Ulkus Diabetikum (DM 2) Dengan Perfusi Perifer. Asuhan Keperawatan Pada Sistem Endokrin dengan Pendekatan Penyembuhan Ulkus Diabetikum Di Rumah Sakit Pemerintah Aceh. [ABSTRAK. Laporan ini bertujuan untuk memaparkan analisis perawatan pasien diabetes melitus (DM) dengan ulkus diabetes post amputasi yang.

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It is important for community nurses to do nursing care of body image disorder in diabetic ulcer client to improve self-concept.

Conducting nursing care on diabetic ulcer clients with body image disturbance at Kedungpuji and Klopogodo, Gombong, Kebumen. The client having changes in physical appearance and body function tends to have a negative body image. More information and software credits.

The expected outcomes for hospitals, especially nurses, are to increase the knowledge and skills of documenting nursing care to the current reference of the SDKI and xiabetikum nursing plans concerning peripheral perfusion are not effective. The writer also motivated them to see the missing part gradually and helped them to touch the part.


Nursing care, body image disturbance, diabetic ulcer ; asuhan keperawatan, gangguan citra tubuh, ulkus diabetikum 1. The common nursing problems caused by diabetic ulcers are ineffective peripheral perfusion which can lead to inhibition of peripheral blood flow.

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The writer made a plan and discussed the client’s perceptions, feeling, dibaetikum hope of the past and the present about their body image. This study is an analytical descriptive with case study approach.

The subjects are 2 diabetic ulcer clients having body image disturbance. Then the writer helped the clients to improve the function of the affected part of upkus body, taught them to improve their body image.

Diploma thesis, Jurusan Keperawatan Diabetic ulcer complication of DM clients may have an effect on their body image.

The data collection tool is an observation guideline. The study shows that the body image was partially resolved by the decrease in signs and symptoms of body image disturbance. This study aims to determine the description of nursing care in diabetic ulcer patients with peripheral perfusion is not effective asmep Cendrawasih Wangaya Ward Denpasar in Type of research used is a descriptive study with case study design of two patients who observed in depth diabetlkum documentation studies by observing the patient’s nursing documents.


LUKA DIABETES MELITUS by Syendi Goni on Prezi

idabetikum Nursing care, body image disturbance, diabetic ulcer. Furthermore, the writer motivated the clients to do the activity and to socialize. However, there is little difference with the theory.

Desciption of Nursing Care, Diabetic ulcer, peripheral perfusion ineffective. The results aske; that there were similarities between two diabetic ulcer patients who had peripheral perfusion ineffective in documenting nursing care in the room.