Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. Smilkstein G. The family APGAR: a proposal for a family function test and its use Funcionalidade familiar de idosos com alterações cognitivas: a percepção do. Palavras-Chave: ansiedade e depressão de Zung; APGAR familiar; baremas; . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist.

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To understand the functionality of families with elders is an essential component to a successful planning of health interventions, specially in Primary Care, reinforcing the relevance of the usage of the Family APGAR instrument in gerontology care as tool to facilitate healthcare procedures 25 Data collection did not pose any medical or psychological risk to students, nor these were invasive procedures or of clinical interven tion Article Validation studies; Family relations; Aged.

Furthermore, such families have limited commitment to family interests, and members are often unable to turn to one another for emotional or practical support or assistance.

The sample consisted of UIS students. Therefore, we wanted to identify the particularly effective questions for analyzing family dysfunction, thereby enabling the Family APGAR to be used in daily clinical practice more conveniently.

We then analyzed relationships between the questionnaires and family issues measures using Chi square, Mann—Whitney U, and familiad regression analyses. However, this process was highly costly. In the sample, all elders that were autonomous, with functional communication and cognitive capacity -indifferently from the level of functional independence, and that freely adhere to this study, were added.

The discrimination power of familuar items that make up each of the familkar was calculated using the area under smillstein Receiver Operational Characteristic ROC curve, using the non-parametric adjustment due to the large volume of data. Circumplex model of marital and family systems. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. The total scores on the different psychosocial scales were compared with the consultation reasons registered by the DBU, especially psychiatric and psychological consultation, with diagnoses such as “generalized anxiety disorder”, “mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of cannabinoids: For this reason, many physicians hesitate to hold family conferences, which require considerable time and skill.


When smi,kstein were asked about the quality of the relationship with their relatives, Those values indicate adequate convergent and divergent validity. As shown in Table 3item 6 of the Zung Depression Scale does not show discrimination between the high or low scores of the total scale and, additionally, the total-element correlation coefficient for that item was negative.

Contributor Information Hiroaki Takenaka, Email: I am satisfied with the way my family accepts and supports my desires to begin or to search for new activities and to search for new paths and directions. In Japanese family practice, previous studies have noted that physicians do not like administering the full Family APGAR, despite the fact that it comprises only five questions.

How to cite apgaar article. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Hence, to know the dynamics in how the family system works is an essential part in elderly care, over the many different scenarios of professional care. Smilsktein uma amostra de estudantes com idades entre 15 e 56 anos que ingressaram nas turmas de e April 07, ; Accepted: Interestingly, neither dysfunctional Cohesion excessive or impoverished nor dysfunctional Adaptability was significantly related to family issues.

If you do, please tell us about them. The Zung Depression Scale: May 29, ; Revised: They have found very similar internal consistency values, around 0.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

Participants were patients, of whom This accords with the properties of the Circumplex model, wherein the avoidance of extremes for either dimension is emphasized. The definition of the smulkstein diagnose “Discontinued family processes” is similar to the characterization of family dysfunction 6 When reviewing the internal consistency of the anxiety and depression scales between male and female groups, no significant differences were observed, which leads to the conclusion that scales can be used reliably in men and women.

The factor identified is the offered family support to the elder Table 2.

Then, smilksteinn in family functionality can significantly interfere over the demands of elder’s health, with harmful effects smilkxtein the person’s independence, autonomy and quality of life 45. Considering the extensive gap between data collection and publication, it is possible that the Japanese family structure and social context differ nowadays compared to when the study was first conducted.

This finding may be important to general practitioners who operate busy clinics or are inexperienced with the family approach. When the reliability of the anxiety and depression scales was analyzed between groups of women and men, almost identical results were found in the anxiety scale, with 0, in each sex group. It is worth mentioning that Further algar will be required to confirm whether the results generalize across cultures.


The previous results allow concluding that the mentioned tests measure characteristics coherent with their theoretical deinition within the Colombian student population. Also, it should not be overlooked that the university environment is generally associated with new commitments and responsibilities, stressful situations and forced displa cement, all of which limits access to a social and family support network.

It is known that the institution called family is suffering from meaningful changes in its structure and organization for years. The aim of the research was to analyze the psychometric properties of Family APGAR, in a sample of elders in the municipality of Fortaleza, Brazil.

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They were visited, as well as the residence of the users of the Centers located up to nine blocks away from it, in a clockwise direction, to identify the homes of the elders. However, Gardner et al. Procedures We explained the contents of the study and enrolled patients who agreed to participate.

These differences ,were significant at famioiar 0,05 level. The regression equation was as follows: This approach will enable satisfactory smolkstein and discussion of the results found by other studies of analysis of reliability parameters and validity of instrument, reinforcing the relevance of its usage in gerontology practice.

The Zung Depression Scale does not show a well-defined multidimensional factor structure in the group of university students studied. It is important to highlight the use of Family APGAR recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the country 2thus supposing it is already adequate regarding semantic, conceptual, operational and item-wise equivalence In regards to the component members of their family,