This handbook is designed to be a useful collection of engineering and technical information on electrical and optical wire and cable and related products. Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Read more about conductor, cables, electrical, conductors, voltage and resistance. View Anixter Cable from ENG 1 at Tsinghua University. WIRE AND CABLE TECHNICAL INFORMATION HANDBOOK $ HARDBOUND $

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Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

The many varieties of PVC also differ in pliability and electrical properties. However, polyethylene is stiff and very hard, depending on molecular weight and density.

Proper selection depends on tecunical environment in which the cable will be installed. In other materials, however, the energy travels slower, depending on the dielectric constant of the material.

Therefore, the capacitance of polyethylene is 2. G G — A UL cable type. The core and the cladding are typically made of pure silica glass, though other materials can be used. Do not use the same source which is supplying arc welders or other equipment causing line voltage fluctuations.

The method used depends on the anticipated maximum pulling tension in each case.


There are a number of commercially available wire pulling compounds many of which are UL Listed that are suitable for use with polymer technicql cables. Thus, each subunit is effectively a simplex cable.

Please try again later. Nonmetallic Sheathed Cables The informaion sizes of nonmetallic sheathed cables are usually gripped directly by the conductors by forming them into a loop to which the pull wire or rope can be attached. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. As a result, a crimping procedure is not used during the installation of a connector. This may be accomplished by covering these areas with plastic envelopes, plastic or glass containers, plastic wrap e.

Use the triplexed configuration formula if you are in doubt. Make a small vent hole by clipping one bag corner. When installed in vertical risers in multistory buildings, a riser rating, i.

The wires may be of galvanized steel, aluminum or bronze. Insulation is applied around a conductor to provide this isolation. Frequency Range determines the upper frequency limit of the application. It does not attempt to insure the reliability, performance, proper operation or long life of equipment—these considerations are beyond its scope.

Loose Buffer Two different types of cable construction are generally employed to contain the optical fibers. It is desirable to reduce or eliminate corona current at the bare metal extremities wird cable or terminations. The term is loosely used to also include coupling at higher frequencies.


Also, the diameter of the engagement end of the pin.

Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook: Anixter: : Books

It has a glossy surface and is transparent in thin sections. Some filling compounds may also serve as the insulation. It has been replaced by silicone oils. CCTV — Closed-circuit television. The ratio of received bits that are in error, relative to a specific number of bits received; usually expressed as a number referenced to a power of ET — A UL cable type. Be sure all staples and nails that might damage the cable are removed.

FARAD — A unit of ttechnical when a difference of potential of 1 volt produces a displacement of one coulomb in a capacitor. If the highest frequency of the application is 2 GHz, either connector can be used. At this thermocouple junction, as it is called, a small voltage is produced.

Wire or cable used indoors, e. A multiple conductor insulated cable with sector conductors has a smaller diameter than the corresponding cable with round conductors.