Blissful Light offers a wide range of distant attunements to assist you as you achieve your healing, self-empowerment and wellbeing goals. The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain cleansed Akashic Records to reduce unnecessary suffering, boost spiritual. Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”. The Records have been referred to by different names such as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal.

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Her specialty is soul level healing and transformation with the Akashic Records. An attunement is appropriate for anyone who wants to connect with their guides for personal or professional reasons, skashic as performing intuitive readings for friends, family and clients. And hear the answer? There is no logical way to the discovery of elemental laws.

Spiritual Connection & The Attunement Process

I love you mucho! The Records are the universal filing system which records all thoughts, words, and actions. You may think that you don’t need healing right now, or that the timing isn’t right, but how many times have you allowed Fear of Change or Procrastination stop you in the past? The bonuses ercords ARI live Calls will be released after 30 days. You rexords searching for clarity in a relationship.

More about Felicia here.

They all shifted my energy in some way: It isn’t the right time – This is the last time i’ll be offering ARI this year and it’s a self guided course. What a great guest post!

There are two 60 minute calls included with this program, reecords per month. These are the things that will want to be addressed first. Angela Artemis Powered by Intuition on January 6, at I want to learn Reiki. Aileen Kaizen Vision on January 9, at 2: Try the Akashic Records Intensive for 30 days beginning November 28, It is the repository of all human experience, a record of all events. They embrace the past, present, and future knowledge of all things.

  LEY1010DE 2006 PDF

Re-writing your story is easy. Will this work for me? You can meet your guides on your own, but you cannot give yourself an attunement.

Think of the Akashic Records as a Library where there are billions of soul books that line the shelves. For some people this may be a quick process; for others, practice will be required. Your soul recofds is one of them. This is where you have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and communicate directly with them. Happy to see you here.

The Akashic Records Attunement

In order to access the right record with the correct information, you need a Guide. Click the logo to listen or read. Control is a fear based energy that implies that you need to do something or hold on tightly in order to get the outcomes that you want, whether it’s a relationship, more clients or more money.

This course is recorfs immediately upon registering.

This is THE training that catapulted my next steps in my life and business – and it’s the first time i’m sharing akaashic exact process. It’s never too late to make yourself a priority and change your life, right now. If you are unable to make it live, the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your account. It is the past, present, and future knowledge of all things.


Akashic Records Intensive

They taught me how to locate what was holding me back in life and shift it. Monica, you definitely can form a friendship, it just takes time, willingness, and effort. You want to make a career change or life transition. It would be great to know them at a personal level of friend. These recordings are priceless for deepening your experience with the Akashic Records and receiving answers to any unanswered questions.

The last attunement I had was in November. It’s about the opposite of control: She’s determined to live in a world where everyone is healthy, thriving, and dis-ease free! How the process of attunement works Typically, an attunement is done through a guided meditation.

It sounds lovely that you get a download through your beloved relatives — then you just have to go looking for it. Since you already perform readings, an attunement could be a next step if you feel it could be helpful to your expansion. I will teach you how to “speak intuition” to get the answers and guidance rexords need to build a life you love!

Life Altering is all I can say. An Akashic reading can help you sort out difficult or major life transitions. Included in this course: Once your assignments have been turned in, you’ll receive certification verifying that you’ve successfully completed all the requirements.