The verdict ends a long ordeal of the Noida-based dentist couple who were found guilty by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 26, and. CBI has received the judgement copy of Aarushi Talwar murder case in which the Allahabad HC mentioned that there are no enough evidence. prosecution under reference pertains to the murder of Aarushi Talwar, of the well- known Aarushi Talwar murder case, where the parents were being tried.

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What the CBI found, and what it could not”. Journalist Avirook Sen has written a book titled Aarushireleased in They also saw patients at the Fortis Xasewhere Rajesh headed the dental department. The CBI questioned the doctors who had conducted the postmortem on Aarushi’s body.

He also found three bottles: The film Rahasya mystery was inspired by the twin murders.

Unlike Aarushi’s body, which had undigested food in the stomach, Hemraj had just 25 ml of liquid in his stomach, indicating that he did not have dinner. Nupur’s mobile phone was switched off from 7: They then cleaned the blood stains on the floor. He told the police that he couldn’t be sure that the body was that of Hemraj, due to the injuries and the decomposition.

The CBI also questioned Ritcha, searched her labs and retrieved over a dozen vaginal swab slides. Krishna talks of second murderer in narco test”. Nupur pulled the blanket, and Bharati saw that Aarushi’s throat was slit. The curious case of the ‘missing’ golf club”. During a press-conference on 11 JulyArun Kumar stated that the case was still unsolved. Kaul 29 December Disturbed by her father’s adultery, Aarushi had confided in or even started a sexual relationship with Hemraj.

Then, their throats were slit with a sharp weapon. The critics argued that the alleged tabloid journalism by an overzealous media, along with the police’s missteps, had “prejudiced the course of justice”. The body of domestic help Hemraj was found on the terrace of the Talwars’ house two days later. Rajesh heard some noise and went to Hemraj’s room.


It took them 10 minutes to read out the verdict which acquitted the Talwars of the double murder at their home in Noida near Delhi in None of the circumstances pointed to the guilt of the parents. Aarushi’s body lay on her bed, covered with a white flannel blanket. Talwars can’t be convicted based on the basis of suspicion Talwars must be given benefit of the doubt CBI failed to prove beyond doubt that Talwars are guilty.

The Talwars branded this claim as false, saying that the rooms were separated by a brick wall that had a plywood lamination over it.

When questioned about the discrepancies, he stated that the investigating officer should be asked why his statements were not recorded correctly. The CBI later stated that the dimensions of the striking surface of the golf club bearing No.

The case has seen many ups and downs since the beginning and marred by shoddy probe and inspired a film and a book penned by journalist Avirook Sen. Nearly three years after the murder, in MarchHemraj’s wife Khumkala, a resident of Cxse, came to India.

Aarushi murder case: no conclusive evidence against parents, says Allahabad High Court – The Hindu

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were convicted for Aarushi’s murder four years ago. CBI banks on maid to unlock door mystery”. Sentenced to life imprisonment. The Talwars deny the murder and blame sensational media coverage for demonising them and damaging their defence. She asked Bharati to wait outside until Hemraj returned. Talwars convicted of the double murder. The defence argued that the CBI had deliberately created this misunderstanding to frame the Talwars.

According to the parents, around 11 pm, Rajesh asked Nupur to switch on the internet router aarhshi, which was in Aarushi’s room. On 16 Maythe family’s housemaid Bharati Mandal 35 rang their doorbell around 6 am.


Retrieved 5 July October 12, Aarushi’s parents who were found guilty and given life term by a special court in had appealed against the order in the Allahabad High Court.

2008 Noida double murder case

What Allahabad High Court said? Hemraj’s body had been dragged at least 20 feet on the terrace after his death, as evident by a blood trail and abrasion – contusion on his elbows.

Ujyaalo Online in Nepali. However, the police did not check this. Praful Durrani, who also visited the house, claimed that the policeman initially dismissed the spot on the terrace door as rust, and was also dismissive of the bloodstains on the floor.

He asked Nupur who had kept the bottle there, and then alarmed, asked her to check Aarushi’s room. Judgfment body was lying on the left of the roof entrance near the external unit of the air conditioner ACand was covered by a panel from the roof cooler. What happened in the courtroom today Nearly people packed themselves inside the tiny courtroom to hear the judgement in the case.

However, Rajesh denied any knowledge about such a call. These items were within the range of the splashed blood casw, which indicates that they were placed on the bed after the murder. Aarushi was found with her throat slit in her judge,ent, just days before she turned October 13, According to Rajesh, the golf clubs bearing No.

They also collected all the blood-stained clothes and judgemeng sharp-edged weapon in order to dispose of them. Jha 16 January