My System has ratings and 44 reviews. Manny said: One of the most influential chess books ever written. Controversy still rages as to whether Nimzovi . How good is my system? Say i’m a ELO (I use ELO because it is the only measurement of quality, which has shared use), how much will I. 41, Dr. Lasker-Amos Burn,. Nimzowitsch-Marshall,. Nimzowitsch-Alekhine ,. Andersson, Enstrom, Oebert-Nimzowitsch. Yates-Nimzowitsch,.

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Please turn on javascript in your browser to play chess. Public Forums Search Recommended. What elo–roughly–is this book geared for? I bought this book today, along with Chess Praxis Also by Nimzo I’ve read allot about this book but not it and have come to this conclusion: I think this book is for someone who wont have a problem with reading the Algebraic notation, and who is around the elo range.

My elo on this website will probably be around or more since I beat players. My rating on playchess is about I bought the book becuase I wanted to buy a book and I believe it can really improve a beginner like myself. Just players around my elo should rather do tactics. I spend allot of time on that too.

I started playing chess 2 months ago, not even knowing the rules. I thought Id share my story so it could help you. Originally posted by pinkthunder What elo–roughly–is this book geared for? I have read Nimzo books very late – zystem 7 years ago after becoming candidate of master and my chess strengh was about ELO at least I think so because I havent got FIDE rating then.

I will definatly read it, and read it again and again as I improve. A tip, read the reviews on amazon.

I have a feeling , that Aron Nimzowitsch ” My System” book is only – Chess Forums –

Yep – Its never too late for reading Nimzovitchs books. This book is about strategy which I think is more difficult to learn then some others may think. Let’s take space, teorritory or what ever you want to call it. In a lot of sources it is often said that space is good if you are able to defend it, but harmfull if you can’t. So let’s try to define this a little further The experience that I have from my short chess career 2 years is that if no pawns or possibly 1 have dissapeared for each side then space takes on great importance as it is closley linked to manouvering.


If you sustem manouver in a closed position then you are often lost.

I have a feeling , that Aron Nimzowitsch ” My System” book is only …

This further gives us more things to think about when evaulating space in the position. For instance, if my opponent can gain space with tempo but in doing so he has to open a line which my rook stands on, then maybe he is not actually threatening anything.

Still it’s often very hard to get a correct ststem to this. Tactics you don’t have to study, you either know it or you don’t. But with strategy it’s not so easy.

I guess if you want to learn chess strategy it simply isn’t enough to know for instance the basic defention of space. Any comments on this is greatly appreciated and if someone has some games on space as a theme So what nimzowitdch do you recommend is best for understanding the book?

Since people are remarking on Nimzovich’s writing, I thought I’d add this. I was having a beer with a few guys many years ago after a chess tournament. Canadian Grandmaster Peter Biyiasas was with us. Very nice guy, by the way. We were talking a little bit of this and that about chess.

And Nimzovich’s writing came up. Peter, who was normally a very light-hearted nimzoaitsch funny guy said very emphatically he thought that anyone who read My System was just going to get a lot of wrong-headed ideas and that the book was generally a perversion of chess theory. I know, pretty strong words. Peter, who was normally a very l Funny, another canadian gm, Kevin Spraggett comes down hard on Nimzo as well.


I have the book too and while I’ve read and understood many of his writings, the English style used in this era can be some difficult to read at times. There will always be those with different opinions. I still think the book is worth buying. Many people have given it great reviews. I wont let a few others stop me from believing in it. Though, I do believe he is wrong at some points, probably, but the book, and most of his ideas are still worth studying.

Can anyone give an example or two off the types of flawed sysyem in the book? I dont know anything that specific but I also know IM John Watson, said somthing about somthing being flaw. Sorry I cant do itmyself in a blitz game, lol.

Originally posted by 93confirmed Can anyone give an example or two off the types of flawed concepts in the book? One example would be ‘overprotection’. Nimzo sells it as something you should do to your “strategically important points” and then you will find them “well posted in every respect”. Modern theorists haven’t bought into this idea, and some of his examples would suggest adopting really passive postions like say pointing your rooks, queen, and knight at a center pawn for no concrete reason.

Nimzoeitsch some of his dogmas about how to attack pawn chains and stuff have been challenged like you always need to attack the base.

In general, he overgeneralizes. Modern chess is intractable in that you can’t break it down into a simple set of rules. But I have read it and I did learn from it anyway. Reset password New user. Sign up or Connect to Play Chess.